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  1. Shootaa

    Easy ways to gain subscribers!

    Very Nice tutorial. It takes a bit of elbow grease then your up and going!
  2. Shootaa

    How to download ROM's And ROM Hacks For Your Emulator('s)!

    Hey guys welcome to a easy tutorial. Seriously If you can't do this how did you even get this far xD! Okay Right On To Some Point Blank Stuff! Warnings! ROMs and emulators could be illegal on some country's or on the system your running. If your using a ROM on a console then remember to run it...
  3. Shootaa

    Console Bangs Android app now released!

    Nice! Something that's useful on my phone!
  4. Shootaa

    N64 Emulator For Andriod 5.0+

    Hey guys heres the first of many emulators that I use daily that are the best. MegaN64. Best on by far without paying. Pros. Fast Loading Time. Great Visuals. Awsome Sounds. Large Library. Cheats. Cons. Free so some things will be bad. Go try it out today and leave your opinions below...
  5. Shootaa

    Call Of Duty - Black Ops

    While digging through the interwebs I actually found the orginal thread and site it came from.
  6. Shootaa

    Call Of Duty - Black Ops

    Ever since they shut down the servers for the Wii, Ds, DSi, you cant play online. But a source made a unofficial server. If you want you can see what its all about by searching up unofficial DSi sevrer or something like that.
  7. Shootaa

    Call Of Duty - Black Ops

    Lol I actually own this game, sadly I do not own the resources to play off of a unofficial server.
  8. Shootaa

    Games With Gold [April 2016]

    Hey Guys Welcome To My Monthly Thread For GWG [Games With Gold]. Every month I will update you will the games that are free and what weeks they are available from. This thread features XBOX 1 And XBOX 360 Games. Lets Begin! (ALL GAMES WORK WITH XBOX 1) Xbox...
  9. Shootaa

    Services Section Rules And Requirements

    Services Section Rules And Requirements Rules: 1. All services must include a picture of you running your dash with your Console Bang Username. 2. Scamming is forbidden. 3. Your service must be verified by a administrator or staff member before any work can be done unless we state you can...
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    Shoota's IOS R.I.P Request service!

    [I Don't support this thread anymore.]
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    Outstanding Members Weekly Poll

    Welcome one and all to the once a week "Outstanding Member" poll! How this works is every week I will pick 5 people. And those 5 people will be voted on as how outstanding they are. Now if you don't post or do anything sorry this wont get your name out there. I pick 5 great members who do a...
  12. Shootaa

    PC Program Rules/Guidelines

    Rules and Guidelines for PC Programs First lets start with the rules. 1. Every program link must have a virus scan. 2. If your program isn't finished [like 20% done for example] don't post it. Betas are allowed. 3.Programs must have some sort of verification that it is...
  13. Shootaa

    Yearly/Community Update - January 2016

    Thanks for everyone's help, and appreciation on the site. Lets hope for more then one great year! :) ~TehShootaa
  14. Shootaa

    Christmas at Console Bang!

    I'm back, sorry for long time and no activity just that I rest my pc everything deleted and I forgot about this site but don't worrie I'm back
  15. Shootaa

    Community Update - December 2015 (Including Improvements!)

    Finally! I Will Sure To Be Advertising Soon. :) Keep Up The Additions And Good Work. And As To All Other Staff I Appreciate What You Do, I Mean It. :D As For Now I Have Things To Do, AKA Making A Game. :/ Hope The Community Grows. ~Shootaa
  16. Shootaa

    MineCraft Premium Accounts! [Free!]

    Hello! Welcome To My Free MineCraft Accounts Thread! Below Is What You Will See In This Thread! Enjoy! :cool: [TERMS OF USAGE] SHOP HOURS! M T W T F 3pm-7pm [If I Can] IF THREAD IS CLOSED DON'T MESSAGE ME! NOTE: 1 Account Per 2 DAYS! 1.How To Use These Accounts 2.How To Get Your Own 3.What...
  17. Shootaa

    Why you should join Console Bang!

    Heres Some Reasons To Join 1. 24/7 Support on any topic! 2. A Large Community! (No doubt) 3. We play all types of systems! (Playstation Is Our Best And Most Supported Though!) 4. Friendly Staff 5. Everyone is here is your friend! 6. It's something to be apart of! 7...
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    Shoota's IOS R.I.P Request service!

    ;) i have my ways, just hit me on skype if you need somthing :o
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    Shoota's IOS R.I.P Request service!

    Notice: No longer supported - Free service over! Welcome To My Free IOS Resquest Thread! Currently Available devices: Playstation Devices [No PSVita Or PS4] Microsoft Devices [No XBOX 1] Nintendo Devices [Only GameBoy, GameCube And Wii ATM] Phone Games! [That Includes Paid Ones!]...
  20. Shootaa

    November Improvements!

    Just a note: If you would like to apply, me and @Kieran would like to interview you on Skype! Stay tuned for more info on how this would work! Add Kieran on Skype, masterklee91!