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Having a phone with Sprint isn't going to work for everyone.

Having phone service that's cheap and good is important.

Finding the right phone carrier is a pretty big deal. We're using our phones more than ever, and doing more with them — they're not just for making calls anymore. And sometimes, finding the right carrier doesn't happen on the first try. What's important is that you know it and are ready to move on.

A lot of folks are happy with Sprint, just like a lot of folks are happy with any of the other carriers here in the states. If you're one of those happy people, that's awesome. But if you're not, and you're thinking the grass might be greener with another company, here are five things to think about and see if it's time to make a change.


Nothing is more important than coverage, at least when we're talking about or phones. Having the latest and greatest means nothing if you can't use it. And Sprint has, erm, issues when it comes to coverage.

Sprint has done a heck of a job with their network and it's getting a lot better than it was just a couple of years ago. The problem is that it was so bad that big improvements need to keep coming before Sprint can work for a lot of us. It's not just an issue of not having sufficient cell sites to provide a signal. In places that are covered, it seems like network speeds are poor and inconsistent.

If you live in an area with good Sprint coverage, you know how good it can be. Sprint has upped their game in my neck of the woods, and their network is really strong. But a lot of us don't live in one of those places, and if you're on the fringe and frustrated with Sprint, it might be time to make a switch.

Phone selection

Sprint has gotten some exclusives recently with the HTC Bolt and the Essential Phone, but if you like the idea of unlocked phones that you can use anywhere, Sprint isn't right for you.

Even phones that could work on Sprint's network are often unable to because Sprint hasn't approved them. This is mostly a relic of the past when the network was CDMA-based, but it's going to be a while before everything is phased out and the network repurposes some of the old spectrum.

Sprint will have the popular models every carrier gets and other than some branding, they will be the same. But if you're itching to order something crazy from Amazon for your next phone, Sprint isn't for you and it's time to switch.

Customer service

In J.D.Power's 2017 ratings for wireless carrier's customer care, Sprint finished at the bottom of the four major carriers in the U.S. and the overall score was below the industry average. It was the same in 2016 and 2015 and 2014 and I'm not going to keep on about this. You get the picture.

When things stop working or the bill isn't right or you just have a question, your carrier needs to be there to help. I'm sure Sprint does its best and that many are happy with how things are handled when they go wrong. But overall, if you value customer service, you might want to switch carriers.

Network speed

Coverage may be the most important thing about your carrier, but for some, the network speed is a close second.

This ties in closely with coverage and it's why we say never depend on a provider's coverage map. Sprint's upgraded network locations can be fast. As in, super-flipping-fast. 3X carrier aggregation means a theoretical 200% speed boost and Sprint's claims of a 240 M/sec or higher average speed aren't very far off the mark. But only if you're in one of the markets with carrier aggregation in place, have the right phone, and (most importantly) the network isn't under any significant load.

If Sprint continues their network upgrade as planned, everywhere with full LTE coverage will have better network speeds. But if you're tired of waiting you might want to pack up and move on.

Unlimited plans

Sprint offers excellent unlimited plans. They're priced low, they have very few restrictions, and the current promotional pricing (ends October 2018) for family plans is far below any other carrier. Sprint wants more customers, and they are offering a great deal on unlimited plans to try and get them.

So why is it listed here? Because they can be enticing and there's a good chance you'll regret it all after you've signed a lease for 24 months. While this is about reasons to switch from Sprint, it's also a good place to remind folks to check on things like network reliability and performance before they sign on to any carrier.

Sprint is the right carrier for a lot of people. But if you're not one of them, the hanging on and waiting for things to get better can be frustrating. Think about your wireless service and decide if it's time for you to change things around.

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