Action Runner 'The Amazing Bernard' Launching February 25th, New Trailer Released


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Dec 22, 2015
The Amazing Bernard is an interesting type of runner we first caught a glimpse of in August of last year, where you guide your auto-running hero Bernie O'Tag through levels by jumping and sliding like any other runner, but you also have the ability to use the touchscreen to draw your own platforms and other helpful objects right on the screen to help the little fella along. It looked a bit rough, but really cool. In November we learned that The Amazing Bernard wouldn't make its 2015 release as intended, and instead would arrive sometime in early 2016. Developer Kumkwat Entertainment has sent word that the game is now slated for a February 25th release, and they've released a new trailer that's again narrated by Bernie O'Tag himself.

The Amazing Bernard has definitely come a long ways since last August and looks a ton smoother overall, but it still looks a tad slow and floaty for my tastes. However, due to the nature of needing to draw things on the screen while the game is in motion, I think if it was any faster it would probably be a nightmare. I'm stoked to see that there's some form of storyline too, as that's usually missing from runner games, and Kumkwat has noted in our forums that The Amazing Bernard will feature both an endless mode and single-player campaign, as well as multiple playable characters. Also, that huge boss fight looks awesome! This will be one of those games I won't be able to really judge until I actually get my hands on it. I'm pretty excited for that to happen too, so look for The Amazing Bernard later this month on the 25th.

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