Adorable, grisly adventure game 'Jenny LeClue' hits PS4 in 2016


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Jenny LeClue is a coming-of-age story wrapped in a choose-your-own-adventure novel and tied up with the pixelated ribbon of a point-and-click detective game. And it's coming to PlayStation 4 next year, creator Joe Russ announced on the PlayStation Blog today. We've been keeping an eye on this one since its $105,800 Kickstarter in 2014 -- it's poised to be a witty and charming investigation game starring a pugnacious young woman, Jenny LeClue, on a mission to prove her mother is innocent of murder. However, Jenny is fictional even within the game, where she's the star of a series of (also fictional) choose-your-own-adventure novels. As Jenny hunts down evidence and discovers secrets in her sleepy, creepy town, her author narrates, and the two characters play off of each other in often-humorous ways.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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