Alto's Adventure will race onto Android for free on February 11

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Alto's Adventure, a popular endless snowboarding game, will be making its way to Android on Thursday, February 11. Snowman, the game's original developer, partnered with Noodlecake Studios to bring the game to Android. In contrast to the iOS version, which costs $2.99, Alto's Adventure will be free-to-play on Android.

From Noodlecake Studios:

After a much discussion with the Snowman team, we both decided that it would be worth converting Alto to a free to play title for Android. It was not an easy decision however. We really wanted to ensure that the integrity, beauty and fun of the game was not lost behind paywalls, timers and everything people dislike about free to play.

Snowman and Noodlecake are working to minimize the impact this change has on the game experience. According to The Verge, the game will mostly remain the same, though it will include opt-in video ads, along with an in-app purchase to double the amount of coins you collect.

In Alto's Adventure, you continuously snowboard down a mountain in an effort to catch escaped llamas. Along the way, you need to avoid obstacles and collect coins and power-ups to speed you along your way. Perform tricks, like particularly impressive jumps, to quickly rack up the points.

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Source: Noodlecake Studios, The Verge

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