Amazon announces $20 Echo Buttons for gaming with Echo

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Amazon just revealed a new Echo accessory: a pair of buttons that can be used for gaming with the Amazon Echo.

At a surprise press event on Wednesday Amazon revealed the Echo Button, a light-up, bluetooth-connected accessory that pairs with the company's Amazon Echo smart speaker.

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You can think of them as buzzers used in a game show — whether you're playing a trivia game, Jeopardy!, or another game that requires you buzzing in to beat out your opponents, these buttons will add an extra element of fun to the Echo's gaming skills. Amazon says Echo Buttons will come in a two-pack that'll run you $20.

BuzzFeed products and personal technology reporter Nicole Nguyen captured a video of a trivia game using some Echo Buttons.

Echo Button trivia

— Nicole Nguyen (@itsnicolenguyen) September 27, 2017

Amazon says Echo Buttons will be available later this year. Keep your eye on Amazon's Echo page so you can be the first to grab these fun new buttons when they're available!

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