Amazon announces second-gen Echo with better audio, new design, and lower price

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Android Central
Nov 30, 2015
Amazon just revealed its second-generation Amazon Echo with newer, better sound and a whole new design.

At a surprise press event on Wednesday Amazon revealed a new and improved Amazon Echo smart speaker. The device features an upgraded audio system and an updated design.

Image credit: Ry Crist

The second-generation Echo features Dolby sound and a dedicated woofer and tweeter. Interestingly, the shorter, wider device also features interchangeable "shells" made of fabric, wood, and other materials so you can choose a design that best fits with your decor. This is similar to the Google Home, which also features removable bottom covers that change the look of the speaker.

The new Echo goes on sale today for $99. Amazon says it'll also be selling a three pack of second-generation Echos for $50 a piece.

Stay tuned for updates as we keep our eye on Amazon's press event!

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