Amazon may own Ring, but does that mean the Amazon Cloud Cam works with it?

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Best answer: Amazon and Ring products can work together through Alexa, but you can't directly integrate your Amazon Cloud Cam into your Ring system nor have them talk directly to each other. Amazon Cloud Cam is its own separate security system.

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Two systems, one master

Amazon bought Ring
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, and while it's taken Amazon a while to build and begin executing its plans for the platform, that didn't stop Amazon from debuting its own totally separate connected camera system, called Amazon Cloud Cam. This ecosystem is still fairly small — Amazon only has the original Cloud Cam available right now — but if you only need a couple of cameras and intend to avoid a subscription plan, it may be right for you, as you get cloud storage for 24 hours of motion clips on Cloud Cam's free plan for up to three cameras.

Plan Price Device limit Custom zones Days recorded
Cloud Cam Free Free 3 cams ❌ 1 day
Cloud Cam Basic $7/mo
$70/yr 3 cams ✔ 7 days
Cloud Cam Extended $10/mo
$100/yr 5 cams ✔ 14 days
Cloud Cam Pro $20/mo
$200/yr 10 cams ✔ 30 days
Ring Free Free — ✔ ❌
Ring Protect Basic $3/mo
$30/yr 1 cam ✔ 60 days
Ring Protect Plus $10/mo
$100/yr All @ single address ✔ 60 days

Ring is a much larger and more comprehensive home security system, with a wide array of cameras, sensors, and even alarm systems, but it also has more expensive cameras and a subscription is required for Ring cameras to record anything. Ring's systems are completely independent of the Amazon Cloud Cam system, so if you were hoping to save a few bucks with an Amazon Cloud Cam over the new Ring Stick Up Cam, sorry to say that it won't integrate with the rest of the Ring system the way you want it to.

Alexa in the middle

Amazon Alexa integration is a highly prized feature of both the Ring and Amazon Cloud Cam systems, and through Amazon Alexa and its smart home configurations, you can use Ring and Amazon Cloud Cam together in one home with Alexa serving as a central hub for it all. The Ring system and the Amazon Cloud Cam systems can't talk to each other, but they can each talk to Alexa or directly to you.

If one of your Ring sensors detects something, you can ask Alexa to put up the feed from a nearby Cloud Cam with the "Show me [camera name]" command. The motion alert going off on a Ring camera can't tell the Amazon camera to record directly, nor can an Amazon Cloud Cam motion detection trigger the sirens on a Ring alarm system. Both systems can work for you, even if they can't technically work together.


Amazon Cloud Cam

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It only integrates with Alexa, but that might be enough

Amazon's camera can't play directly with Ring, but its Alexa integration can allow you to use both systems in concert. If you're looking for a basic security camera that won't break your budget and don't have a huge space to cover, the Cloud Cam might be a perfect fit for your dorm room or apartment.

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