Amazon says Prime memberships jumped by 51 percent in 2015

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Nov 30, 2015

Tucked away inside of its Q4 2015 earning report, Amazon noted a pretty significant increase in Amazon Prime memberships around the world in 2015. Overall, paid Prime memberships jumped by 51 percent over the course of 2015, with the U.S. seeing a 47 percent increase alone. Amazon doesn't reveal exactly how many Prime subscribers there are around the world, but a 51 percent jump is impressive nonetheless.

And that growth is clearly driving more customer engagement with Prime's streaming services. Some other interesting Prime tidbits in the report highlights include a doubling of Prime Video streaming customers, along with a tripling of Prime Music streaming hours in the U.S. compared to Q4 2014.

The increase in Prime membership comes as Amazon reports that Q4 net sales totaled $35.7 billion, which is up 22 percent from $29.3 billion in Q4 2014. Meanwhile, full year net sales increased to $107 billion in 2015, compared to $89 billion throughout 2014.

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