An iPhone Version of 'Rome: Total War' Is Set to Launch on the App Store This Winter


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Dec 22, 2015
One of the more surprising iOS ports of recent times is undoubtedly Rome: Total War [$9.99 (HD)], and when it was announced late last year I was truly blindsided by seeing such a legendary PC strategy classic on a tablet device. As with many similar titles, the touchscreen of the iPad proved to be a perfect fit for the game, and the successive release of the Barbarian Invasion [$4.99 (HD)] expansion pack as a standalone release emphasised the suitability of the series to the App Store. However, as with any tablet-exclusive title, many mobile gamers were wondering if Rome: Total War would ever be available for the iPhone. I personally thought such a feat was impossible, as less meticulous releases like RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic [$5.99] were too clumsy on the smaller smartphone screen. The folks at Feral Interactive do love a challenge, however, and so have today announced that Rome: Total War will be available for iPhone devices this Winter for $9.99.

Considering the length of time that it has taken for an iPhone version of Rome: Total War to emerge - the game was released almost exactly a year ago in November 2016 - it's evident that Feral Interactive have gone for more than just a downsized iteration of the title for smartphones. In today's announcement, the developer has claimed that there will be numerous features specifically created for the iPhone's display, including a shiny new interface and enhanced touch controls. However, one question mark does remain over whether the iPhone version comes as a universal update to the previous Rome: Total War on iPad, or whether the game is a standalone release. Either way, some sort of cloud save option to seamlessly continue a campaign across devices is definitely needed, and will hopefully be confirmed as more details are revealed in the lead-up to the title's release. Rome: Total War for iPhone has a tentative Winter release date - swing by our Discord server for more news and impressions as they hit.

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