Android Central 2015 Readers' Choice Awards

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This is the best of 2015, as determined by you, our readers.

Thousands of you weighed in over a couple of week on what's changed how you work and play. These are what replaced the devices on your wrists, in your pocket, on your laps or desks, and in your living rooms. They're what dictates the look of your home screens and our docks.

They're the devices and features, gear and accessories, and apps and games that filled us all with surprise and delight, got us to forget what came before, and made it impossible for us to imagine how we ever lived without them.

They're your 2015 Android Central Readers' Choice Award winners!


Android Smartphone of the Year: Nexus 6P

No real surprise here, and it won by a large margin. You can argue whether the Nexus 6P truly is the best phone around — the Note 5 certainly should be a close second, and LG's definitely in the conversation. But for most folks who frequent this site and chime in on the year-end awards, the Nexus 6P certainly is the phone of choice. And for once we've got a Nexus phone that absolutely can hold its own in that argument.

Runner-up: Galaxy Note 5

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