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Nov 30, 2015

In Part 7 of our 8-part Android of History series, we see how a push into new device categories, combined with an all-new design language, turned Android into the OS for everything.

  1. Intro
  2. Pre-history
  3. Early days
  4. Making it big
  5. Transformed
  6. Samsung rises
  7. Jelly Bean Era
  8. Everywhere
  9. Coming soon

Android TV, Auto, Wear, Material Design and Android apps on Chrome define the OS's push onto even more screens, as fortunes rise and fall in the smartphone world.

When you're dominating the smartphone world and successfully carving out a niche against Apple in the tablet space, where do you go next? In 2014, the answer for Android was everywhere. In the space of twelve months, Android exploded onto wearables, TVs (again, after the ill-fated Google TV push), cars and even Chromebooks. Android was quickly going from being Google's mobile OS to the company's everything OS.

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