Android users can finally use Twitter in chronological order again

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Nov 30, 2015

Order has been restored to the world.

Remember about a month ago, when Twitter rolled out the option for iOS users to switch from its "optimized" Home feed, which shows you popular tweets first, back to the chronological timeline we've all been clamoring over for years? Well, good news, everyone — starting today, that feature is coming to Android users, too.

Twitter's decision to move to an algorithmic timeline back in 2016 hasn't exactly been a popular one, with seemingly endless complaints over the ways tweets are organized. At the top of your timeline may be a days-old tweet, or even a tweet from someone you don't follow (usually because it was "liked" by someone you do follow), while the most recent tweets could be buried dozens of posts down.

Android, we got you. Starting today, tap ✨ to switch between latest and top Tweets.

— Twitter (@Twitter) January 15, 2019

As of today, Android users should start seeing a sparkly icon in the upper right corner of the app that gives you the option to see the latest tweets first. Sure enough, everything is displayed in the order it was tweeted, with no In Case You Missed It nonsense interrupting your feed. Just keep in mind that you'll be switched back to the Home view if you haven't opened Twitter in a while — you can't escape the algorithm completely.

Maybe we can finally get editable tweets next?

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