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This is one of those contests where we really wish we could have picked more than just three winners, and it made it tough to narrow things down. After plenty of deliberation we managed to do it, and you can find all three below!

Winner of an Anker QC 3.0 charger, jasoraso!

Most of the "reflection" pictures we saw in this contest were the usual types, but this one really caught our eyes. The perfect positioning of this shot lets the building's windows on the left reflect the great scene to the right, offering a divide down the middle that takes you by surprise. Taken with a Moto X Pure Edition — very well done!

Winner of an Anker QC 3.0 charger, lrn2swim!

The perfectly still water here and the positioning of the shot offer perfect symmetry, which is one of the best parts of any reflection illusion. The wider crop just adds to the effect. Taken with a Note 4 — wonderful shot!

Winner of an Anker QC 3.0 charger, sumner929!

Another water reflection, but this one has a bit more going on. The addition of the dark and strong colors from the sunset really make the clouds pop, offering an even better effect down on the bottom half of the shot. Taken with a Nexus 5X — great job!

If you've won this contest, keep an eye on your email inbox for information on how we'll get the prize out to you. It may take some time to get to everyone, so please be patient while you wait to be contacted.

Thanks again to everyone else who entered, and keep your eyes peeled for the next photo contest. We want the chance to give away more great prizes to everyone, so keep taking pictures and entering them!

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