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APF Nexus Engineering Software WoodBeam v4.4.0.0 | 6 Mb
Design, check and optimise wood member sizes. APF WoodBeam aids in the analysis and design of timber roof beams, multi-span beams, floor joists, and timber columns.
APF WoodBeam lets you design timber beams (simply supported or continuos), in accordance with Eurocode 5 (EC5).
All you have to do, is to specify the dimensions, the constraints, and the loads. APF WoodBeam creates the load combinations, according to Eurocode 0 and Eurocode 1, and performs all the required checks for ULS and SLS.
The results are displayed in the graphic interface and the user can save a detailed report with calculation summary and images.
The user interface is designed to simplify your work. You can change every value (cross section size, timber beam length, etc.), recalculate, and the results are immediately available.
All the design variables, such as load coefficients, material properties (mechanical properties of timber), can be adjusted by you, according to your needs (or the requirements of any National Standard or National Eurocodes Annexes).
APF WoodBeam performs a finite element analysis of the timber beam, as a two dimensional timber structure, with the supports having the degree of stiffness selected by the user.
Internal forces, support reactions, and deflections are displayed by the graphical interface for each load case separately.
APF WoodBeam performs structural fire design according to Eurocode 5, using the reduced cross section method for both unprotected and protected surfaces. Surfaces can be protected by fire protective claddings whose properties are defined by the user.
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