Apple serving full-screen iPhone 6s pop-up ads to App Store users on old iPhones


GSMArena News
With an aim to boost the sales of its iPhone 6s smartphone, Apple has started displaying full-screen pop-up ads of the device to those accessing the company's App Store app on older iPhone models. This is for the first time the Cupertino-based company has served full-screen ads. The ad - which includes an image of the device with the slogan "Ridiculously Powerful" at the top and options "Learn More" and "Upgrade Now" at the bottom - is reportedly showing up for those using an iPhone 5s (and older) running iOS 9.2. Unsurprisingly, many of those being targeted aren't happy: Fucking Apple throwing an cliche iPhone 6S ad to pop up in the App Store. Like I plan to get that phone but not when they fucking say so.— Koisha (@MrFlox888) December 11, 2015 Just got a full screen iPhone 6s ad when I opened up the App Store app. Hope this isn't the start of a new trend #apple— David Turnbull (@_davidturnbull) December 11,...