ArcaBoard is a $20k hoverboard nobody wants


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It's almost 2016 and we still don't have legit hoverboards. Worst of all, we are now calling these things hoverboards, something that neither hovers nor is a board. One company - Arca Space - has decided to take matters into its own hands, and decided to make a $19,900 donut box with fans on it. The ArcaBoard, as it is called, uses 36 high powered electric fans that produce 200 kgf of downwards thrust to keep you and anyone above the board floating for all of six minutes. The board can supposedly be controlled by your smartphone. The batteries powering the 272bhp of power inside can be recharged in six hours, or in 35 minutes using the optional ArcaDock accessory that costs another $4,500. First of all, there is nothing elegant about the ArcaBoard design and not at all what we expect hoverboards to look like. What the cheesy promo video also doesn't tell you that having that many fans is going to be obnoxiously loud. Another thing the video doesn't show is any kind of lateral movement. All it does is, well, hover, which is fine but it also needs to move. Granted you are not going far in six minutes but the complete lack of any visible movement is terrible. Lastly, $19,900 for something that poor from a company you've barely heard of doesn't sound very exciting. Maybe if you have too much money lying around but this product has vaporware written all over it. Source •...

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