Arcade shooter 'Nex Machina' gets a physical release November 10th


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Resogun creator Housemarque has earned a reputation as a specialist in digital-only game releases (its last hard copy release was 2012's Angry Birds Trilogy), but it's about to buck that trend. The studio has announced that its well-received, Smash TV-style PS4 arcade shooter Nex Machina will be available in a disc-based version through Limited Run Games on November 10th. There's a $30 standard edition if you just want something tangible, but the centerpiece is a $65 Collector's Edition that includes the soundtrack on CD, a poster and four art prints in a special edition box. Arguably, that's the version to get -- if you want more than a download, you might as well get something truly memorable.

Source: Housemarque

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