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Autodesk Maya 2019 | 3.2 Gb
The Autodesk products team is pleased to announce the availability of Maya 2019. This release focuses on letting you work faster than ever before through new workflows and numerous performance enhancements.

What's New in Maya 2019:
- A myriad of improvements to Viewport 2.0 enhance its performance when doing everything from loading scenes to selecting objects, to handling dense meshes.
- Additionally, cached playback speeds up your ability to preview animation changes by intelligently redrawing only what's changed rather than updating the entire scene. This greatly improves viewport playback performance, removing the need to constantly playblast your scenes.
- This release also gives you the most powerful tools yet for tracking exactly how Maya is using your computer's resources. New features in the Evaluation Toolkit and Profiler allow you to pinpoint exactly where there may be inefficiencies or problems that are slowing down your scene.
- Improvements to Render Setup enable you to better organize your render layers by coloring and isolating them in the Render Setup editor, or by controlling whether lights are included in each layer by default. In addition, more options are available for exporting and importing scene Render Settings and AOVs.
- You can also now render Arnold right in the viewport, including all its RenderView options such as Debug Shading, AOVs, and region rendering.
- New Graph Editor filters have been added to help you refine animation curves quicker and easier than before.
- Plenty of examples and presets have been added to the Content Browser covering a variety of areas, from motion capture, to motion graphics, to characters. Use them as-is, or as a jumping-off point for your own work.
Note: For the full list of new and improved features, please refer to the release notes
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Editable MotionTrail continuously updates MAYA-95820
Missing node upstream of wire deformer causes crash in Maya 2018 MAYA-95205
Animating pole vector constraint target disables parallel evaluation MAYA-95155
Facial rig meshes don't move or deform in EMS or EMP modes MAYA-95040
Camera offset doesn't work with Parallel Evaluation MAYA-94445
Array attribute that has compound children connected may not update correctly MAYA-94276
Cannot Undo bakeSimulation for vector attribute connection because of wrong bake behavior MAYA-94177
Correctness : Param curve made static does not act static MAYA-94111
Array Attr inside a Compound not evaluated MAYA-94022
bakeResults does not respect time range when baking an override layer to a larger additive layer MAYA-93996
Crash when deleting a dynamic multi-attribute whose elements are connected to other plugs and to user interface controls MAYA-93653
GPUOverride : macOS Mojave now supports implicit sync MAYA-93518
Performance : Evaluation of smooth mesh attributes is taking longer after 2017 MAYA-93280
Maya 2018 fails to re-evaluate basic DG nodes in some cases MAYA-93273
Rotation with quaternion interpolation is changed after save/load scene MAYA-93181
Selecting curves from multiple layers not working in the graph editor MAYA-93168
MPxGPUDeformer GPU buffer "geometryMatrix" is not tested MAYA-92883
Performance : Camera Sequencer is slower than previous versions MAYA-92782
GraphEditor : MPxAnimCurveInterpolator causes crash if buffer curves are displayed MAYA-92760
MPxBlendShape Crash With Deferred Reference MAYA-92556
Blendshape : Weights display does not update when changing targets MAYA-92476
Ttransform causing cycle errors with customer rig MAYA-92474
The "playblast" command writes out incorrect filename when frame arg is negative MAYA-92465
Performance : GPU Override : offsetNode example uses dirtyPlugExists rather than hasAttributeBeenModified() MAYA-92379
GPU Override : Selecting and translating controllers causes changes to character's position MAYA-92295
Twist attribute not updating on wire MAYA-92238
Invisibility evaluator doesn't take into account switching meshes using attributes MAYA-92205
Example code for MPxDeformerNode uses incorrect default value MAYA-92184
Performance : Camera with aim put on motion path doesn't evaluate correctly MAYA-92113
Marquee select does not work properly with multiple graph editors which then results in crash MAYA-92038
parentMatrix attribute of a custom transform node does not evaluate MAYA-92035
GPU Override : Invisible shapes lose sync MAYA-91954
Joint being parent constrained to a cube still inherits the rotation from its parent MAYA-91810
Blendshape: Deformer membership edit slows Maya down MAYA-91784
Performance : Hidden object slows down playback in VP2 with invisibility evaluator enabled MAYA-91782
Maya crashes performing boolean operations on geometry MAYA-91649
EM: Crash with fat connections during playback MAYA-91432
Cycle warning by getAttr -t for object with expression MAYA-91391
Connection broken if deleting elements of a plug-in deformer set MAYA-91332
MFnMesh.getPoints(kWorld) is slow in Maya 2018 with non-default context MAYA-91152
Performance : Vp2ParallelEvaluationTask takes longer after 2017.5 MAYA-91140
ProxyAttribute : Technical documentation examples still use "ref" flag MAYA-91108
Rigging : Incorrect evaluation of driven object rotation MAYA-90989
Face rig has visual artifact with GPU blend shape MAYA-90942
Performance : GPU blendshapes different between scrubbing and changing weight MAYA-90902
Bake Deformer : Crash with UI selection with some scenes MAYA-90793
Isolate selected in parallel mode (and viewport 2.0) not delivering faster frame rates when evaluating any dynamics MAYA-90579
Objects cannot be removed from animation layers MAYA-90563
EM: Maya IGroom Performance Issues When Animating Substrate MAYA-90510
Twist rotation for curve warp not working with negative values MAYA-90507
Parent Constraining IK Wrist effector to IK Wrist effector snaps when scrubbing timeline in Parallel EM MAYA-90463
Painting blend shape weights fails if other paint tools have been used MAYA-90435
Lattice deformer doesn't update properly when vertex count of the deformed shape changes MAYA-90160
Performance : Instanced objects explode during playback MAYA-90113
Parallel Evaluation Mode changes custom node behavior MAYA-90096
EM: Parallel Evaluation failing to read maps correctly with invisibility evaluator enabled MAYA-90074
Performance : GPU Override : Performance issue with 2 blendShapes MAYA-90031
Crash when auto-keyframing camera movements MAYA-89835
Race condition in filter cache causes crash in parallel mode MAYA-89834
Profiler Tag Crash MAYA-89832
Correctness : CharacterSet : Animation breaks in Parallel mode MAYA-89647
Trax : Shot values are set to 0 when changed from channel box MAYA-89638
Rigging : Proximity visibility for controllers doesn't work as expected MAYA-89553
Lattice will not compute when 3 or more live blendShape targets are animated MAYA-89530
Performance : Turning off isolate select leaves some objects in the wrong place MAYA-89488
aliasAttr with an invalid alias name causes a crash MAYA-89388
Performance : Editing Pose Editor poses with HumanIK freezes Maya MAYA-89380
"Scale Curve" on CurveWarp does not save properly and breaks when reloading the scene MAYA-89341
Slowness due to controllers when invisibility evaluator is enabled MAYA-89132
MotionTrail : drawFramesBefore/drawFramesAfter displays only 1 frame MAYA-89099
Removing vertices from ffd1Set for Lattice Deformer is not updated on VP2 MAYA-89088
Profiler : Search is broken on Linux MAYA-88939
Playblasting offscreen in Legacy Viewport with Modern Graph Editor results in Fatal Error MAYA-88917
Deformed mesh not deforming with isolate selected (Invisibility evaluator on) MAYA-88798
Performance : GPU Override : Invalid kernel argument size causes some scenes to hang MAYA-88593
Error message when setting Time Slider range in Preferences MAYA-88429
TcameraShape is triggering evaluation in dirty propagation MAYA-88418
Maya crash when playing animation (TdnRenderPass issue when loading files) MAYA-88225
frameCache node doesn't evaluate at sub-frames correctly MAYA-88200
Crash in attribute editor after adding compound attributes MAYA-88106
GPU Override: example plug-ins for MPxGPUDeformer don't use the new interface MAYA-88064
Shading parameters ignore keyframes in parallel evaluation MAYA-88014
Performance : EM constantly reset itself from ready to rebuilding with this scene MAYA-87734
BakeDeformer : Errors with multiple nodes with the same name. MAYA-87720
VP2 update not working when animated visibility changes MAYA-87709
Invisibility Evaluator Slow To Update When Switching Maya Views MAYA-87411
Removing components from deformer will break connections to input/output geometry MAYA-87391
Camera animation not working with invisibility evaluator enabled MAYA-87366
GraphEditor : Crash when repeatedly swapping and overwriting buffer curves MAYA-87309
orientConstraint values not consistent MAYA-87303
Motion Trail: Cannot move motion trail keys for certain scenes MAYA-87284
VP1: Free Image Planes are slower than Camera Image Planes MAYA-87059
Parallel evaluation causing invalid memory MAYA-86973
HIK : Crash when playing back HIK rig if root is an invalid node MAYA-86796
Maya reports cycle warnings with curveInfo node MAYA-86758
Error when changing fps setting in Preferences window MAYA-86740
Animated snapshot ignores dynamic motion paths MAYA-86686
Unkeyed parent joints of animated child joints does not update bone draw MAYA-86654
Preferences : Display Key Ticks > Selected setting doesn't persist across sessions MAYA-86629
TimeEditor : Audio still plays back after deleting a split group section MAYA-86624
Performance : NURBS curve world space has wrong dirty details MAYA-86597
HIK : Rig moves when attempting to set pivot on an auxiliary MAYA-86503
GPU Override : Strange skinCluster Evaluation MAYA-86349
Wrong icon used when Set Driven Key (Options) is placed on shelf MAYA-86120
Custom Locator Visibility cannot be animated MAYA-85395
TimePrecision : Frame rate of movie file output by playblast is not correct with non-integer fps MAYA-85390
Constraints : Creating tangent constraints fails with an error MAYA-85323
Crash when importing objects from a file reference MAYA-85160
Maya hangs when reopening file after assets have been exported MAYA-85110
Missing teClipModified event when a TimeEditor clip is muted/unmuted MAYA-84954
TimeEditor callback support for track added/removed/nameChanged/modified MAYA-84940
Decompose Matrix node ignores inputRotateOrder MAYA-84849
Wire deformer twist causes partial rebind MAYA-84845
GraphEditor : Crash on selection in outliner when trying to create result curves for read-only attributes MAYA-84720
Time unit conversion nodes from Maya 2015 do not work in Maya 2017 MAYA-84679
GraphEditor : Crash when deleting keyframes from a referenced file MAYA-84570
DX11 : Crash scrubbing timeline in scenes where meshes have no UV assignments MAYA-84420
The Deform menu dynamically recreates itself each time it is displayed MAYA-84407
Docs: copyKey python command docs for "time" invalid. Only works with single value or tuple MAYA-84406
Point on Poly constraint not working with two mesh objects MAYA-84318
Infinity values on curves hangs Maya when trying to copy keys MAYA-84295
Parent constraint's lock output doesn't work MAYA-84286
GraphEditor : In Modern GE, move key tool options gives you move tool options instead MAYA-83877
The wire deformer dropoff distance is limited in the Attribute Editor but not in the ChannelBox MAYA-82020
Mesh duplication issue with custom deformer MAYA-81472
Animation layers break with proxy attributes MAYA-77709
OpenCL does not initialize correctly on laptops with integrated intel graphics and AMD GPUs MAYA-75758
Grease Pencil frames slow down VP2 playback MAYA-72573
GraphEditor : Crash when taking a snapshot of quaternion curves if buffer curves are shown MAYA-67185
Undo error with cluster and connections in DG MAYA-59762
Playback performance drops from 45 fps to 30 fps after reopening the same scene and playing back in parallel mode MAYA-56479
Performance : World space attributes are dirtied when inheritsTransform is off for parent but on for other nodes MAYA-53309
Performance : World space attributes are dirtied when inheritsTransform is off until file is re-opened MAYA-53219
Performance : World space attributes should not be dirtied when inheritsTransform is off MAYA-53143
Delete history on parented combined nodes deletes all hierarchy MAYA-52083
Crash on exporting IK animation to FBX with Constraints on in options MAYA-92880
Python devkit plugin doesn't work any more MAYA-89679
Querying worldMatrix attribute value at a specific time sometimes returns incorrect results MAYA-88910
Maya does not retain vertex color on referenced geometry MAYA-88198
proxySwitch of grandchild reference crashes on new scene MAYA-88165
Maya doesn't render the full Graph Editor in 4K due to env variable MAYA-92673
GraphEditor : Autoframe doesn't frame time axis MAYA-89387
LOD groups can crash Maya and don't work well with the Channel Box MAYA-86898
Maya LT
Fix HObfuscateApi script for MayaLT 2019 devkit MAYA-95503
Error printed when creating a camera in Maya LT MAYA-89060
Warning message comes up when choosing [Lighting/Shading] from the main menu MAYA-89026
Maya LT - Copy & Paste not working MAYA-94462
Crash when navigating in File browser MAYA-95784
Python dead lock with nested executeInMainThreadWithResult MAYA-95529
Importing .obj file with long group line crashes Maya MAYA-95310
Improve support for k4Double numeric data in the API MAYA-94337
Referenced Xgen causes skinned geometry to break when saving MAYA-94250
File->Open "Selective Preload" broken since 2018.3 with Alembic MAYA-93977
Import file does not have cache list of previous files in OS native file dialog MAYA-93909
'SelectAllMarkingMenuPopDown' runtime command failing because of unsourced file MAYA-93578
Shiboken bindings changes everytime you generate bindings MAYA-93325
From the third selection on, selection time will be doubled with AE open. MAYA-93298
Relinking references with Windows filepaths kills Finder MAYA-93260
Duplicated deformed objects with deleted history keep undeformed original mesh MAYA-93218
API: Crash with MItEdits with dangling placeHolderList connections MAYA-93184
FBX files have normal issues after saving and reopening the Maya file MAYA-93009
Walk Tool causes hotkeys to no longer work MAYA-92368
Changing lambert color on slider is not printing/undoing the changes MAYA-92248
Namespaces can be left in a read-only state after reference operation MAYA-92188
Saving a scene file over a network with a large number of nested file references is slow MAYA-92154
Auto-renaming error for node names followed by a really large integer value MAYA-91955
Crash due to the lag created in the Hypershade with DAG nodes in reference MAYA-91923
Linux/Mac: do not hide MMelNativeInterface functions MAYA-91877
Alembic cache paths saved in Maya 2018.3 cannot be remapped MAYA-91694
Referenced scene will override master scene meta data MAYA-91598
Crash on file save to MayaAscii when scene contains large string attribute MAYA-91513
Clean up global mel variables which are named without a naming rule MAYA-91452
Maya Crash importing FBX with multiple takes MAYA-91119
Maya crashes on start if TMP folder is not existing yet MAYA-90925
Mismatched FileDialogStyle settings can cause referenced FBX files to fail to load MAYA-90751
Python-Mel intercommunication: Evaluation crashes Maya MAYA-90734
Error message when switching cameras with the same name MAYA-90688
Maya does not remember reference load states correctly MAYA-90616
Maya crash when running".", recursive = True) MAYA-90583
Qt: Windows missing PySide2-rcc.exe executable in Maya build MAYA-90008
ATF: Want to import .wire file with texture and texture placement (shader not assigned) MAYA-89904
Importing files will add nodeGraphEditorInfo nodes but won't show in Node Editor MAYA-89789
Crash when importing an alembic file with attribute type not matching existing Maya attribute type MAYA-89681
Array of Array attribute saved incorrectly if setInternal is true MAYA-89657
Maya 2018 update 2 starts 10 seconds slower than Maya 2017 MAYA-89409
Maya crashes if a scriptJob encounter an error MAYA-89061
MPxContext.h - Compiler warning C4458 in VS2015 MAYA-88736
maya.api.MMeshIntersector.create() does not accept matrix argument MAYA-88508
Maya crashes when referencing a file with animation layers MAYA-88441
Assembly Reference Node cannot delete custom attribute MAYA-88214
PySide : Accessing event.source() inside the dragEnterEvent() crashes Maya MAYA-88022
Maya won't exit when spawned process is still running MAYA-87864
Maya cannot shut down normally if it loads the .NET plug-in. MAYA-87398
Scene Assembly : Changing namespace of top AR after making an edit does not update Edit Targets MAYA-87393
Weighted animcurve tangents that cannot be precisely represented with FBX should be baked on export MAYA-87333
Can't open .mb files over 2GB MAYA-87319
Scene Assembly Edits Not Removed Correctly for Dynamic String Attributes MAYA-87271
Obj from Unfold3d do not import properly in Maya MAYA-87200
Idle scriptJob causing Maya to run at 100% of CPU even after killed MAYA-87165
"Duplicate Attribute" menu not respecting original attribute min/max settings MAYA-86978
Plugin Python modules appear flattened out MAYA-86674
CATIA V5 ATF Export does not work MAYA-85806
Exporting polygon mesh as DWG crashes Maya on Windows MAYA-85204
Crash when interacting with ATFPlugin MAYA-84848
Paths in sys.path are added out of order in Maya MAYA-84846
FBX: Normal is incorrect after Maya scene is saved and reopened MAYA-84207
Python 2.0 : Cannot track selection order within MSelectionList MAYA-80604
File > Archive Scene fails if size exceeds 2 GB (requires ZIP64 Extensions) MAYA-78868
Invalid Scene Assembly Edit State After Cutkey - Need to add setAttr after disconnecting attributes MAYA-76598
Maya always launches in English instead of Chinese on simplified Chinese Mac OS 10.12 MAYA-75776
unicode character in MURI.h generate a warning message MAYA-73992
Repeated path values in MAYA_SCRIPT_PATH and PYTHONPATH MAYA-73891
Maya can't find files if file path has a space at the end of the file name MAYA-73563
MFnTriplerIndexComponent is using TuInt16 instead of TuInt32 MAYA-72577
SelectionChanged callback is incorrect when selection track order is enable MAYA-71258
API crash with compound-multi plugs MAYA-70535
LD_LIBRARY_PATH Word too long error message MAYA-70521
change in behaviour of python command MAYA-66631
Export Selected is introducing a large number of edits for unmodified uv set values MAYA-51773
Adding ability to configure ApplicationPlugins search path (MAYA_PACKAGE_PATH variable) MAYA-29672
MGlobal::executePythonCommand calls from multiple threads can lead to crash MAYA-89983
Removing obsolete Aero warning on startup MAYA-78412
Legacy FX
Crash when loading older scenes with a gravity field MAYA-94607
FBX export crashes if "Triangulate" and "Tangents and Binormals" are enabled in Geometry options MAYA-85943
Option to control default boundaryRule attribute on new meshes MAYA-94152
32-bit TIFF displacement maps crash Maya 2018 MAYA-93504
RMB menu Paint -> Sculpt brings up legacy Sculpt Geometry tool MAYA-92607
Crash when running polySplitVertex and polyMergeVertex MAYA-92062
Duplicated LOD groups should automatically connect to the perspective camera MAYA-91508
New uv snapshot created when overwriting existing file MAYA-91414
Maya crashes when using Multi-Cut on non-symmetrical objects while symmetry is enabled MAYA-91295
New faces created by Quad Draw don't show in viewport when using Isolate Select MAYA-91114
Maya crashes loading scenes with Pose Interpolators that have no drivers MAYA-91095
Merge Tool breaks Tangents/BiNormals on model MAYA-90983
Vertex Normal Edit Tool crashes a lot MAYA-90635
Mirror node is affected by object pivot transform MAYA-90625
Latency when sculpting on meshes using Smooth Mesh Preview MAYA-90574
Undo stack seems partially cleared when Maya auto saves while the multi cut tool is active. MAYA-90397
Quad Draw mesh overlay renders quads and points slower on dense meshes MAYA-90392
Maya crashes after taking UV snapshot MAYA-90201
Adding many targets crashes Maya without CER on Windows MAYA-89672
Maya crashes when exporting a CAT file after import as WIRE file. MAYA-89150
Flat lighting is no longer used on meshes with UV Distortion shading MAYA-88703
When UV snapping is on, the move tool does not maintain the offset between the mouse cursor and the pivot MAYA-88267
Sculpt tools not working on instances MAYA-88110
Invert Selection no longer works for objects in groups MAYA-88101
Wrong cursor hint when orientation and position are both disabled in pivot editing mode MAYA-87716
Move Tool manipulator moves in opposing direction when used with a negatively-scaled object MAYA-87365
Target Weld tool always creates construction history MAYA-86884
Tweak UV tool causes crash every time MAYA-86784
UV Snapshot will not save properly if path contains a period MAYA-86765
BlendShape groups are created when scene files contain blendShape nodes are imported MAYA-86698
Object translation mode broken on non-uniformly scaled objects MAYA-86423
UV Distortion Shader no longer supports multiple object selection MAYA-86376
Maya crashes when enabling/disabling poses in the Pose Editor MAYA-86361
Transform tools become stuck in edge slide mode when using Ctrl+Shift shortcuts MAYA-86232
Can't select point on CV Curve in Maya 2018 when in DirectX11 MAYA-86148
Incorrect icons in menus and marking menus MAYA-86121
File corrupted after importing from 2017 to Update 4 MAYA-85913
wire import with tessellation in Maya not usable as it results in gaps/overlaps MAYA-85911
Unfold's Pack option should instead be a "Layout UVs" option MAYA-85800
Crash when changing propagation in Use Constraints Options MAYA-85517
Crash on undoing everything on blendshape targets with sculpting tools MAYA-85369
Sculpting a mesh with volume falloff and topological symmetry causes a crash MAYA-85136
mayapy: exits when the blendShape command tries to display a dialog MAYA-85013
Some Boolean operations no longer create supporting edges MAYA-84980
Target Weld tool affects selection preferences MAYA-84942
Sculpting freezes on meshes with high valence vertices MAYA-84342
Duplicating Maya LOD Groups adds un-expected attributes MAYA-84251
Bevels reversed on edges of n-gons whose geometric center lies outside of them MAYA-83997
Vertex tangent splitting even though it isn't on an edge or UV border MAYA-82512
Multi-Cut Slice is constrained to face selection even in vertex mode MAYA-82324
Sculpt tools ( flatten then sculpt ) cause vertices to jump MAYA-81624
Studio Import: Want to import .wire file with texture and texture placement MAYA-79956
Modeling Toolkit's custom shelf does not remember if it is collapsed or not MAYA-73910
Reading Alias .wire (1gb) file takes 30 minutes MAYA-72620
Multi-Cut tool allows invalid cutting of concave and non-planar polygons on complex meshes MAYA-38559
UV layout updates to different location when UV is moved or new UV set created MAYA-31314
Maya crashes when multiple blendShape targets are assigned from MEL MAYA-89801
Polygon Disc primitive Subdivision Mode options not working MAYA-86156
Select Lattice Deformer, right click and fast move to "NAVIGATE GRAPH" causes crash MAYA-80811
Hard transition in Vertex Color Transparency between two UV sets using a layered texture MAYA-71295
AfterEffects Livelink bug MAYA-92987
MASH : Add Trails to nParticles not creating a geometry node MAYA-91868
Maya crashes when deleting MASH distribute node MAYA-91731
MASH : Orientation doesn't work with Z-up MAYA-91077
type tool plugin error when being loaded in mayapy MAYA-91057
MASH - Legacy scenes saving unnecessary data MAYA-89172
Position of characters goes wrong in Thai MAYA-88573
MASH World node API error MAYA-88392
MASH requires unique names MAYA-88097
Type: Kerning space is not correct MAYA-88093
Created Nodes get deleted when loading the type plugin in the beginning of a script MAYA-87823
Error "(kInvalidParameter): Index not in valid range" appears when opening this scene MAYA-87444
Duplicating input graph on new textTool breaks MAYA-87379
Mash not checking for non-gui modes in all places MAYA-86630
Falloff for MASH blend object does not behave as expected when set to face mode MAYA-86115
MASH duplicate excludes trails MAYA-85947
potential performance issue when MASH plugin is loaded MAYA-85579
Type styles (Bold, Italic, etc.) not working MAYA-85337
Crash when importing Maya file with legacy render layers enabled MAYA-94049
Legacy render layers causing viewport issues and fatal error MAYA-93994
Color Mgt - OCIO configuration file loading error in Maya MAYA-93988
Color values should not be clamped when using the eyedropper tool to sample a color in the Arnold RenderView window MAYA-93626
Crash on exit after setting playblast output transform in Color Management Preferences, then playblasting MAYA-93044
Can't override attribute if it exists locally and in a referenced scene MAYA-93038
Copy/paste in visible layer is now slower due to export layer switch MAYA-91836
Unable to set layer visible after deleting collection that shares nodes with separate collection that was created using an expression MAYA-91714
Difficult to create overrides using sets without include hierarchy MAYA-91519
Error thrown when overriding a node shared between sets MAYA-90370
synColor - ctf reader fails with single quote in short name MAYA-90177
Can't enter layer if overridden Render Settings node is missing MAYA-90169
(Mac OSX): /bin/Render command fails with spaces in pathnames MAYA-90148
Block shape noise appears when baking 4K map MAYA-89186
Maya crash when playing animation (TdnRenderPass issue when loading files) MAYA-88356
JSON import fails with no warning if Render Settings collections point to missing plug-in nodes MAYA-87932
Script Editor errors occur when Render Settings are auto-reopened MAYA-87353
Maya crashes when unloading then reloading references if Render Setup layers exist MAYA-87167
Render Setup breaks if global presets environment variable is set to a non-existent location MAYA-85125
Light that is not member of a collection gets disabled alongside another light if they belong in the same group MAYA-85018
Render Setup material override fails to cover per-face shading if involved shading groups were deleted MAYA-84465
Animation runs 2x slower if objects are excluded from render layers compared to hiding them MAYA-84254
Render Setup breaks if you load a Maya file that went through Export Selection from a visible layer with overrides MAYA-82926
remapValue becomes corrupt on load if the first point is set to Interpolation None MAYA-73344
Users should be warned when using improper choices for shader overrides MAYA-62051
[ & ] hotkeys for undoing and redoing camera view changes do not work MAYA-91019
JP mode: menu garbled when assigning substance file to substance node MAYA-95914
Manipulating values in the channel box crashes Maya MAYA-93912
Hard crashes due to Qt not checking for valid QScreen:;handle() MAYA-93180
outlinerEditor crashes if changing existing sortCommand MAYA-93015
Can no longer Undo color swatch changes MAYA-92140
colorEditor command does not respect rgb flag MAYA-92137
Custom icons get renamed if they cannot be located MAYA-92074
Marking menu gets stuck when "Alt" is pressed while displaying the marking menu MAYA-91961
Shelf icon spacing issue in 2018.update2 with icon+text MAYA-91879
Mac : Weird Marking Menu behavior Before Displaying MAYA-91763
OS native file dialog not working when reconnecting or replacing references on Mac OSX MAYA-91626
Linux Windows do not respect window manager settings MAYA-91109
Dockable outliner becomes blank after changing viewport panel to outline panel using hotbox MAYA-90628
SHIFT+M does not hide the Outliner top menu MAYA-90607
Crash when repeatedly calling a custom tool to create a window MAYA-89982
Attribute Spreadsheet crashes Maya when attributes contain "FBXASC032" MAYA-89277
plug-in shader displays texture with incorrect offset in uv editor if toggle checker on and then off MAYA-89159
Syntax error printed in Python script editor MAYA-89130
Launch Preference Window from Hotbox(zones only) crashes Maya (OSX) MAYA-88837
Render Setup Property Editor breaks when separating it and changing workspaces MAYA-88050
Mac: Windows disappear or become unusable after switch from other applications MAYA-87927
shelfButton -width not working MAYA-87655
setting the $tmp variable break shelf editor command MAYA-87368
setting mel variable $i breaks attibute editor MAYA-87159
Broken UI (viewport half black) on mac when UV Editor docked in main window and collapsed/in-active in it's tab group MAYA-85902
On the 2nd monitor group of workspace controls get bigger MAYA-85811
Crash inside the Channel Box if third-party apps have accessibility privileges MAYA-85653
Crash deletes custom hotkeys in prefs/hotkeys MAYA-85457
Display > Assigned materials does not work properly MAYA-85244
Maya file browser lists files mixed with directories. MAYA-84992
Hotbox only works on primary display port Mac OS 10.9 with Mission Control Separate Spaces MAYA-84883
The project path changes (shouldn't) after importing something from the content browser MAYA-84112
No more blue highlight on the Content Browser when hovering MAYA-84111
Add progress bar to Outliner when displaying large number of elements MAYA-84052
Mac: Can't get rid of floating windows during a render MAYA-83373
Nonkeyable color tick is impossible to read against channel box with other channels keyed above and below MAYA-83196
Lag in modeling operation/viewport interactions (Hypershade/UV editor performance) MAYA-83174
Remove usage of deprecated Qt function: QPixmap::grabWindow MAYA-81268
Node editor's [tab] "create node" is too short to see node full names on 4K monitors MAYA-80554
MAYA 2017 shelf icons are being drawn at different sizes MAYA-79671
Linux: Marking Menu Quick Gestures no longer work since Qt5 MAYA-79561
Title bar of WPF Window in devkit cannot be changed MAYA-79045
The % character breaks Shelf Popup Menu Item Python commands MAYA-78294
Wacom gestures allow to move the camera when the scene is destroyed MAYA-77005
Render View needs forced update after [File -> Open Scene] MAYA-75899
Workspace combo box gets focus when expanding and collapsing outliner panel in main pane. MAYA-75498
Floating Attribute Editor or Channel Box don't pop in front of other floating windows when using assigned "open windows" hotkeys. MAYA-75277
Mac: Some hotkeys with Alt modifier don't work any more MAYA-75232
No longer changing the active viewport by clicking the area of the menubar in the viewport MAYA-74361
Closing the Script Editor does not automatically save the content like it use to MAYA-72983
canvas color changes unexpectedly when being pressed on Windows and Mac MAYA-72609
Torn-off menu on small screen can freeze Maya MAYA-72256
OutlinerEditor needs custom sortOrder flag MAYA-72205
Hotbox popping briefly at the top left of the monitor in some Windows configurations MAYA-69305
-keyEquivalent flag has been removed from the technical docs, and use of the flags emits a warning MAYA-68045
Hotkey Editor: Add to Recent Commands List feature is broken MAYA-66572
MAC: Minimized floating panels stays on top of other apps. MAYA-60977
Attribute Editor crashes when a dynamic compound attr has a multi child MAYA-27690
Component editor input problems (non-centimeter units) - value jump/conversion. Right click in editor causing additional value increase. MAYA-27574
shelf button background color does not save MAYA-9403
Objects with connected visibility not triggering EM graph in VP2.0 MAYA-95376
VP2: shaderFX crash when adding multiple multiply nodes MAYA-93220
Rotate Manipulator cannot draw manipulator properly in VP2 MAYA-92949
UV Editor has 100% GPU consumption with Shaded or Distortion view MAYA-92820
Consolidate World breaks geometry override with custom resource handles MAYA-92691
Crash when selecting a node with custom resource handles with Consolidate World on MAYA-92687
Mesh Display > Toggle Display Colors Attribute, can cause mesh corruption in the viewport MAYA-92558
Texture display broken in UV texture Editor MAYA-92486
Shadows displayed with glsl shader in Core Profile MAYA-92233
Memory usage keeps increasing and CPU overuse if UV editor is open and one texture is displayed MAYA-92228
Soft select fails to draw properly with 1 degree curves in Viewport 2.0 MAYA-92221
Local rotation axis doesn't draw when far from the origin MAYA-92209
Selecting bullet constraint/rigidbody/softbody/solver fails MAYA-92199
Rig variations do not update as expected MAYA-92153
Crash: Can't switch to component mode on skinned characters. Can't paint weights. MAYA-92104
Curve Point is not displayed by Drop off locator of Wire deformer MAYA-92061
MFrameContext::kExcludeHUD should exclude film gate, etc. camera/film related properties MAYA-92029
VP2 Component Selection for MPxDrawOverride::refineSelectionPath() MAYA-92020
Viewport Corruption with Default Material enabled MAYA-91864
Full Scene Refresh with scene over 200 objects when using Sculpt Tool MAYA-91852
MPxSubSceneOverride selection issues MAYA-91375
Point light depth map shadows don't obey light depth range attributes MAYA-91358
Per object OSD method isn't reactivated when disabling displacement preview MAYA-91261
Invalid selection for MPxDrawOverride implementations using MPxDrawOverride::userSelect MAYA-91116
Smooth Mesh Preview Causes Issues w/ GPU Override MAYA-90918
selecting UV's on multiple objects in isolate mode crashes Maya MAYA-90562
ON / OFF setting of Unfiltered Image is reversed for dx11Shader and other plugins in devkit MAYA-90560
layeredTexture not updating correctly in the viewport MAYA-90484
VP2: NURBS high precision not working MAYA-90442
polyOpenSubdiv::createFarMeshData crash when opening customer file MAYA-89959
VP2 Native Selection: customizable HW selection support for plugin render items (MRenderItem) MAYA-89955
Isolate select components for MPxSurfaceShape + MPxDrawOverride MAYA-89919
Isolate select components for MPxSurfaceShape + MPxGeometryOverride MAYA-89917
Using dx11/autodeskUberShader causes fatal error when TRS on an object MAYA-89774
Having the UV Editor open causes display corruption on meshes with 2 UV sets and Colorset MAYA-89533
Image planes don't update when adjusting attributes and are invisible when file is opened MAYA-89519
MRenderItem::setMatrix not working with OpenGL when using MPxDrawOverride::drawRenderItem MAYA-89374
Hidden OSD nodes causes excessive memory usage in scene MAYA-89319
Display Borders causes flickering when enabled with Viewport 2.0 MAYA-89028
psdFileTex node cannot update if the global texture resolution clamp is enabled in VP2 MAYA-88795
PSD File Texture - Layers don't update in Viewport MAYA-88649
Crash when applying PSD file as color to shader MAYA-88555
Crashing when trying to playblast (Mac) MAYA-88379
Viewport - material instance assignment not all copies get the assignment MAYA-88175
Shader attached as input to other shaders does not update in Viewport 2.0 MAYA-87978
legacy viewport is slow to tumble when there are lots of instances. MAYA-87891
texture reference object draws incorrectly for deforming target mesh MAYA-87825
Rotate manipulator can become distorted in orthographic views MAYA-87760
VP2 lighting/shadow issues after hitting hardware limitation MAYA-87510
Viewport2.0: Unloading and reloading of references messes up transparency MAYA-87415
Fix API docs for MPxSubSceneOverride instancing functions MAYA-87414
Material renaming breaks updates between attributes and the viewport. MAYA-87174
displayStatus() shows incorrect results MAYA-87057
Isolate Select of Components in VP2 not working with MPxSurfaceShape MAYA-86958
Crash when opening scenes from older version MAYA-86794
Imported reference object with dx11shader and namespace will remain on screen after mesh is removed and crash after removing dx11shader MAYA-86504
GPU memory limit warning repeats on loop with displacement MAYA-85630
Color Management - Applies to MRenderOverride viewport render but not playblast MAYA-84222
VP2: Scene heavily utilizing camera texture projection has to be clamped at 1K MAYA-84176
MPxDrawOverride::excludedFromPostEffects() is still affected by DOF in VP2 MAYA-84175
Viewport Hangs Selecting NURBS Curves in Component Mode MAYA-83215
Transparency not updated properly for MPxSurfaceShadingNodeOverride in PR78 MAYA-83176
Jittering issue with camera attached locator when the camera is moved away from origin MAYA-81438
Thumbnails for GLSL shaders aren't drawing properly inside Hypershade MAYA-79020
Crash into OGS selection code MAYA-76997
Isolate select sample scripts from tech docs are not correct MAYA-76046
VP2 shaders using internal scene draw have garbage being drawn when FP buffer enabled MAYA-72159
VP2: Jittering in image plane when camera is far from origin MAYA-60512
Manipulating input to layeredTexture fails to update in Viewport MAYA-91812
Incorrect recursive population of xgen plugin subdirs in python sys.path MAYA-89773
XGen issue - Maya crash during playback on Linux - OpenCL MAYA-89586
Maya Crash with Xgen and missing reference/reference edits MAYA-88935
XGen Plugins are not compiling for Maya 2018 MAYA-88652
About Autodesk Maya. Autodesk Maya is a powerful, integrated 3D modeling, animation, visual effects, and rendering software developed by Autodesk Inc. This integrated node based 3D software finds its application in the development of films, games, and design projects. A wide range of 3D visual effects, computer graphics, and character animation tools make it an ideal platform for 3D artists. The intuitive user interface and workflow tools of Maya have made the job of design visualization specialists a lot easier.
About Autodesk. Autodesk helps people imagine, design and create a better world. Everyone-from design professionals, engineers and architects to digital artists, students and hobbyists-uses Autodesk software to unlock their creativity and solve important challenges.
Product: Autodesk Maya
Version: 2019
Supported Architectures: x64
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Language: english
System Requirements: PC / MacOsx
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or 10 / Apple (Mac OSX) 10.11.x, 10.12.x, 10.13.x, 10.14x
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