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What are the best phones you can buy at AT&T right now?

Whether you're a loyal AT&T subscriber, or you're looking to hop onto the giant cellular network, you'll want to first take a peek at our list of the best smartphones the carrier has to offer.

We'll be updating this guide throughout the year to keep you informed of the latest devices worth wielding as your daily driver. Be sure to read through our reviews for the full rundown on each smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

We've officially arrived at our beautiful, bezel-less future, and the Galaxy S8 is a near-perfect example of what constitutes as innovative smartphone design. This device has all the trimmings of a one-of-a-kind style, and it helps set the aesthetic tone for smartphones to come. The good news, too, is the despite the Galaxy S8's slimmer, all-display design, there's still a headphone jack.

Inside, the Galaxy S8 sports the latest processor and enough RAM to fuel you through marathon gaming sessions. You can record those plays with the aid of the Game Tools built into the software, and the Galaxy S8 runs the latest version of Android, too. You can choose between the 5.8-inch Galaxy S8 with a 3000mAh battery or 6.2-inch Galaxy S8+ with a 3500mAh battery.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8

If for whatever reason Samsung's standard Galaxy S8 and S8+ don't do it for you in terms of size and capability, you should reach for the Galaxy Note 8. You get a little bit of extra screen and a bump to 6GB of RAM inside to augment all of the same great specs and features of the lower-end phones. Plus, you get a unique dual camera setup that can take the same great shots as the GS8 but with the addition of a telephoto lens and "Live Focus" portrait shots.

Then of course you also have the S Pen stylus, which unlocks productivity and artistic angles you simply can't get in any other phone. At over $900 you pay for the privilege, but you also know you're getting Samsung's biggest and best phone.

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LG V30

It took a while, but LG's new flagship is out and it's great. It takes many design cues from the Galaxy S8+, but that's not a bad thing — you get a thin and classy metal-and-glass build that has a nice balance to it. Inside you get top-end specs, and around back LG's great dual camera setup with a wide-angle shooter continues to stand out.

LG's software can be an acquired taste, but it doesn't offer any steeper of a learning curve than the Samsung phones listed here.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

The Galaxy S8 Active offers the complete GS8 experience in terms of specs, power, software and camera, but does it with a hefty outer shell that can take a beating and a flat display that's shatter resistant. That means the GS8 Active can take a beating, and hold up to more than a standard GS8 in a bulky case. It also gets a huge bump in battery capacity to go with it.

The GS8 Active is more expensive than the standard version — in fact, more expensive than the Galaxy S8+ sometimes — but if you're someone who needs to have the extra robustness without losing on features or power you may be willing to pay for it.

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Update October 2017: This post was updated with a refreshed phone list, removing the Galaxy S7 and LG V20, and replacing them with the Note 8, LG V30 and Galaxy S8 Active.

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