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Update the look of your Gear Fit 2 with these stylish band options!

The Samsung Gear Fit 2 is a pretty good fitness band that includes a feature typically found on smartwatches: the ability to swap out the 22mm bands for other colors or styles.

If you prefer to wear yours 24/7, having a couple extra bands can help you accessorize your Gear Fit 2, whether you're attending a formal affair or just like to spice things up with a fresh splash of color. There's a number of great, affordable options out there, so let's dive in!

MoKo Soft Silicone Replacement Sports Bands

MoKo offers a wide range of color options of their silicone straps for the Gear Fit 2. Each strap is adjustable to fit small or large wrists (4.96" - 8.38") via the same style of metal plug used on the strap that came with the Gear Fit 2. Bands can be swapped in and out quickly with the one-button quick release for locking the watch band, making it convenient to have a fresh strap to swap out after a sweaty workout. With a price of only $10 compared to Samsung's stock replacement for the black, you can economically afford to get a couple of these in your favorite colors, then keep them in a bit of a rotation so your wrist always feeling fresh and looking fine.

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Moretek Fit 2 Wrist Straps

Moretek offers two different style of wristbands for the Gear Fit 2: a more traditional strap available in 12 different color and pattern options and a rugged strap (pictured) that offers impact protection for your tracker's watch face. Everything is made of a skin-friendly silicone material and held on your wrist with a traditional watch strap buckle. The rugged bands are definitely going to add some bulk to your wrist, but whether you're playing a high-impact sport or simply prone to banging it against doorways, that extra protection might save you from incidental damage.

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V-Moro Metal Replacement bands

If you're after a metal strap option for a more stylish look, V-Moro has you covered with two distinct styles — a classic metal link band and a Milanese loop band featuring a magnetic clasp. Both styles are available in silver or black, with the Milanese band (pictured) sold in small and large sizes, so choose accordingly.

The metal band includes a tool for adding and removing links for adjusting sizes. Both are great for incorporating your Gear Fit 2 as an accessory in a professional wardrobe. V-Moro also offers a medium-sized silicone strap on the same Amazon listing. In stark contrast to the stylish metal offerings, these are extremely utilitarian and offer that "classic" fitness tracker look, with five colorful options to choose for.

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Maxjoy Metal Replacement Straps

Not everyone digs the rubber strap look. While it might be ideal for getting sweaty in the gym, if you're planning to wear your Gear Fit 2 out on the town you might be after a bit more of a classy look.

Maxjoy has a line of stylish metal replacement straps for your Gear Fit 2 that included Milanese loop bands as well as metal link bands made of high-quality stainless steel. The Milanese bands are available in black, silver, and rose gold for just $17, or choose between a black or silver metal link band for just $20. All bands are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 12-month warranty which means you can buy with confidence.

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MDW Security Clasps

Not digging the band recommendations above? We get it. Frankly, it's quite alright to love the band that came with your Gear Fit 2. However, there have been reports of bands coming unclasped or otherwise falling off people's wrists. Maybe this has happened to you.

Allow us to share this recommendation from the comments. You can get a 7-pack of these colorful security clasps that fit over the band and ensures your band never pops off. They should offer the extra protection from your Fit 2 falling off your wrist while also letting you add a splash of color.

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How do you accessorize your Gear Fit 2?

Are you a band swapper? What's your favorite style for your Gear Fit 2? Let us know in the comments!

Update September 2017: Added some handy clasps for those who are happy with the stock bands but want a bit of added wrist security.

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