'Bomberman' Homage 'Ninja Boy Adventures' is Now Available


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Last week we got our first taste of Ninja Boy Adventures, a game created by The Clash Soft as an answer for there not being any classic Bomberman experiences available on iOS. The very next day we got a lengthy look at Ninja Boy Adventures being played with an MFi controller, a final taste of the game ahead of its planned February 3rd release date. Well, it's not quite February 3rd yet here in California, but with the wackiness of time zones and an entirely digital App Store it turns out Ninja Boy Adventures [$1.99] is already available as of just a couple hours ago.

For your $1.99 entrance fee (with no IAP!) you'll get 30 single-player levels in a story mode that spans across 11 zones and 3 worlds. You'll also get a Battle Mode which allows for up to 4 players to duke it out online, and the Apple TV version which is included allows you to play Battle Mode with up to 4 players locally, just like the good old days of couch Bomberman. The forum thread for this one is just getting started so be sure to stop by and leave your impressions if you pick this one up, and for fans of old-school Bomberman there's really no reason not to drop a couple of bucks on Ninja Boy Adventures as far as I'm concerned.

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