CES 2016, Day 2: Huawei, Samsung, LG, HTC, HP and more!

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Nov 30, 2015
The day before CES is a tradition for the tech media: it's press day. The biggest companies all trot out their latest gear in rapid fashion, and we write about it, take photos of it, and put our hands on it so we can give you a quick taste of what these new wares are like and whether or not you might want them. That day is today. There's a lot to it this year, so let's get started! 05 January

Huawei rolls out the Mate 8 and a bedazzled Watch

Swarovski all up in that bezel

Huawei made a big splash at CES, bringing their new flagship Mate 8 to the show. It's an impressive phone filled with impressive hardware and with a price to match. While there are some detractions — like the 1080p display — they're made up for with the absurd battery life it squeezes out of the giant 4000mAh battery inside the slim metal body. But that wasn't the only thing that Huawei had on hand: they pushed out a new audio-centric MediaPad M2 10.0 tablet with Harman/Kardon audio, plus new models of the well-regarded Huawei Watch with fashion-conscious designs focusing on the female market. And that means Swarovski crystals in the bezel.

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