Check Out the First Trailer for Spry Fox's 'Bushido Bear'


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Dec 22, 2015
Back in November Spry Fox, makers of the awesome bear-based games Alphabear [Free] and Triple Town [Free], announced their next mobile title, a game called Bushido Bear. All we knew about Bushido Bear at that time was Spry Fox's extremely vague description of it as "an original, action-packed ninja-slasher for touch devices." Well today we finally get a glimpse of Bushido Bear in action with this new trailer. "Action" is kind of the key word here as, unlike their previous bear-based efforts, Bushido Bear is definitely more an action game than a puzzle or word game. Check it out.

As you can see, Bushido Bear is based around drawing your path of attack, which is a mechanic we've seen in games before and was even utilized in Spry Fox's own Steambirds games. I actually think it reminds me the most of the awesome but sadly no longer available Axe in Face. Anyway, Bushido Blade has quite a few unlockable bears (no surprise there!) each with their own unique abilities, like Smokie Bear who teleports instead of dashing, Zombie Bear who can rise up even after being killed, and Thief Bear who can grab loot that would otherwise be out of reach for other bears.

We should be hearing more on Bushido Bear as its progress continues, and as a final bit of Spry Fox news, be on the lookout for Alphabear's new Valentine's Day in-game event which gives you a crack at unlocking the adorable Valentine Bear which you can see below.

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