Chromebooks' share of US edtech market jumps from under 1% to 50% in just three years


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Google's Chromebooks now constitute over 50% of all devices in US classrooms, up from under 1% just three years ago, according to a new CNBC report which cited latest data from Futuresource Consulting. Of the 8.9 million devices bought by the country's schools and school districts K-12 so far this year, around 4.4 million have been Chromebooks. Image credit: Michele Molnar Looks like even Google didn't anticipate such rapid progress. "It's been amazing to us to see that growth happen just in that short amount of time," said Rajen Sheth, director of product management for Android and Chrome in business and education. "If you look at the overall market for devices in education, it's actually expanded a lot and Chromebooks have actually taken a lot of the expansion." Rivals including Apple and Microsoft have seen their share of the market plummeting from 52% to 24% and 43% to 24%, respectively, during this three-year...