'Churchill Solitaire' is a Solitaire Game Developed by...Former Secretary of State Donald...


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iPhone Gaming
2016 is a really weird year, y'all. A reality TV star is a serious presidential candidate. Meanwhile, a former Secretary of Defense is now making a video game based on a card game variant made by a British prime minister? Yes, Donald Rumsfeld has teamed up with Javelin and Snapdragon Studios to make Churchill Solitaire [Free] for iOS. It's based off of a solitaire variant invented by Winston Churchill himself to supposedly increase his strategic thinking. According to the game, Churchill told a Belgian diplomat named Andre de Staercke about his solitaire variant, who later befriended Donald Rumsfeld and told hima bout the game. Rumsfeld would play the game many times for the next 40 years, until he partnered up with the Churchill Heritage to make a digital version of what is now called Churchill Solitaire.

The game itself starts off with black and white footage from World War II complete with Churchill voiceover. It's the most serious solitaire game ever invented, with more Churchill quotes, and having you follow the career of Churchill to become Prime Minister through success at the game. It's got some unique rules and you should pay attention to the tutorial, so that you can know how to play this unique two-deck version of the game. It's free to try with three sample card deals to play with. You can pay $4.99 to unlock the random card deals along with the 200 campaign mode deals, or pay $0.99 per 25 deals. As well, you can buy additional undos and hints. Donald Rumsfeld might not have been able to find WMDs in Iraq, but can he find success on the App Store with Churchill Solitaire?


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