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Clonix Winclon Premium
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WinClon 6 is a system backup/restoration program which restores a backup status if the computer system or data has been destroyed. If you back up when the computer is stable, you can fast restore the backup status if the computer becomes unstable or unusable due to the virus infection or mistake of the user.

Main Use of WinClon 6:
Production solution for companies which manufacture PCs, servers, etc.
Maintenance solution for schools, Internet cafes, public offices, etc

WinClon System backup & Recovery solution:
● Generate one image file in hidden partition
● User-friendly UI
● Scheduling restore function for regular automatic restore
● Basic backup and additional backup to external area available
● Backup/restore each partition or whole disk
● Backup to various media (HDD, external storage, DVD, USB etc.)
● Background backup needless to reboot system
● Generate booting media
● Backup network storage
● MOQ: 1copy

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