'Crash of Cars' Spooky Halloween Update Adds a New Map, Car Lab Feature and Much More, Out...


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iPhone Gaming
If the App Store was any indicator, I'd assume that Halloween is a pretty big deal. However, here in the UK, its very name is laced with contempt, and it seems everyone simply closes the curtains and turns off the lights in an attempt to hide from the world for one horrifying evening. Anyway, it's clear this depressing nation is in the minority, so I'm more than happy to welcome the onslaught of quirky Halloween updates that will roll out onto the App Store in the coming weeks. Crash of Cars [Free] has been updated with numerous cool featured additions over the past few months, so it makes perfect sense that the spooky spirit of the upcoming festivities would make an appearance. As a result, I'm unsurprised yet delighted to report that a big update hit Crash of Cars yesterday, bringing a new Haunted Mansion map, multiple new cars, the highly awaited Car Lab addition and much more.

The headline feature in the 1.1.60 update for Crash of Cars is undoubtedly the aforementioned Haunted Mansion map, which promises Mario-esque painting teleportation to create even more hectic action as you try and introduce your opponents to an ultimate fiery demise. Twelve new cars have also been introduced, with thematic classics like a ghost car and a possessed ice cream truck, but also more eccentric additions like a legendary Motorbike. A Car Lab to forge cars together to make crazy new creations, an increase to the max upgrade level and prestige limits, and other minor tweaks to the gameplay balance are all welcome, and help add even more content to one of the most popular mobile titles amongst the TouchArcade community. Download the Halloween update for Crash of Cars today, and let us know your impressions on these spooky shenanigans in our forum thread.

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