DgFlick ICARD Xpress PRO 4.1.0 Multilingual


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DgFlick ICARD Xpress PRO 4.1.0 Multilingual
Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 222.12 MB
Ultimate ICARD solution for everyone! Get Data From Anywhere. Flexible data connectivity for each type of ICARD need. Multi format supporting. Import data files in CSV and XLS formats. Maintain fonts and languages of data as it is. Dynamic mapping of data with fields on i card design.

Multi format supporting. Import data files in CSV and XLS formats. Maintain fonts and languages of data as it is. Dynamic mapping of data with fields on i card design.

Data Entry
Simplified data entry process with the fields of user's choice. Make data entry more smarter by just defining type of data field from text, list, time, date, multiline text, etc.

Get Photos From Anywhere
Multiple ways to bring in photos.

Import photos with data. A column in excel sheet with photo's file names and photo folder path will import and match photos with data.

Simplified individual photo selection from folders. ICARD Xpress mobile app takes you to gallery for photo selection.

Quick Photo Assignment
Bulk photo assignment to contacts. Drag and drop photos on contacts in a simple way.

Camera connectivity for on the spot photo capturing at events. Suitable for exhibitions, secured premises. Capturing photo with integrated or connected webcam. Zooming and panning in live camera input for accurate capturing.

Edit Photo
Make photos ready for ICARDs.

On Screen Crop & Rotate
Single screen photo management with data. Zoom & pan photo in reference to face area guide to fulfill face area visibility condition. Automatic cropping according to visibility set by you. Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation with one click.

Advance Editing
Further color correction of photos to give it a fine touch. Manage RGB and brightness, contrast of the photo. More editing possibility with tools like curve and level.

Design ICard
Design ICARDs before you get data.

Flexible Data Fields
Data field flexibility according to business type. Flexibility in terms of defining additional fields according to requirements. Even more easy data field building with types like text, list, date, time, multiline texts. Automatic ID number generating with desired prefix and suffix.

Automatic barcode generation of any data field. Different barcode types for numeric and alphanumeric data fields.

QR Code
Automatic QR code generation of multiple data fields defined by you. Manipulate designs as per QR code requirement.

Designing tools
Inbuilt ICARD designer to design professional ICARDs. Any size ICARD in vertical and horizontal orientation. Liberty to design single side and duplex ICARDs with same comfort. Use own backgrounds and other materials to design ICARDs as per client's requirements.

Data Objects
Preset data object's look and feel on design and automatically get it replaced with bulk of the actual data. Advance setting of font type, size, style and color for text data. Set image sizes, frames, effects well in advance. Also, mark the positions of barcode and QR codes.

Output in Every Format
Output flexibility according to ICARD.

Generate printable JPGs of the ICARDs. Print or share JPGs as per requirement.

ICARD Printers
Immediate printing connectivity. Print ICARDs as you design them. On the spot ICARD printing as most of the ICARD printers are compatible with software. Print direct in size of connected printer or print packages.

CSV data exporting with used photos and signatures. Serves you as backup and project transfer from one machine to another.

Package Prints
Package printing for large printers. Inbuilt packages for single and duplex ICARDs. Go for package designing by just defining paper and ICARD size. Fast and automated package making. Save your created packages and use anytime.

Suitable for Everyone
Design an ICARD for any and every type. It can be industry, study institute, membership of any type, visitors.Release Notes: System Requirements:
- Pentium 4, 2.8 GHz Processor and above
- 1 GB RAM (2GB Recommended)
- 1 GB free disk space
- Microsoft Windows XP (service pack 2) and above Screenshots

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