Ditch the cable and go wireless with these charging pads and stands

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Nov 30, 2015
Charging your phone via cable is the best way to get a fast charge, but it can be cumbersome if you're not near a charging outlet, are picking your phone up a lot throughout the day, or would simply rather not deal with cables. That's where an excellent wireless charging pad comes into play. These are the best wireless charging pads for your Android phone.

Note: Regarding Samsung's Fast Charging capabilities, while many of these stands claim to charge at 10W, your Galaxy phones won't charge any faster than 9W.

Trusted brand

Anker PowerPort 10W charging pad

Anker's Qi-certified charging pad comes with a 3-foot Micro-USB cable and has a sleek, rounded square design, with LED charging indicators around its base. This is a single coil charger, and it has an anti-slip pad on the bottom.

$22 at Amazon

Get stood up

Seneo charging stand

If you don't want to worry about placement or you'd prefer to have a great view of your phone while it charges, then this stand is the way to go. It has two charging coils and charges your phone standing up or on its side. Seneo's stand charges at 5W or 10W and supports all Qi-enabled phones. It comes in black or white.

$20 at Amazon

Budget pick

Choetech wireless charging pad

For $15, it's simple, but Choetech's charging pad is Qi-certified and comes in three colors. It's only a third of an inch thick and provides overheating and overvoltage protection for your phone. Choetech provides an 18-month warranty in case anything goes wrong.

$15 at Amazon

Charge multiple devices

IBIS 9W dual wireless charging pad

If you need to charge multiple devices at once, this is the pad you want. It has two wireless charging coils spaced a good distance apart, so you can charge two phones at a time. There are also three ports for charging devices via cable. It comes in black or white.

$41 at Amazon

For Samsung diehards

Samsung Qi-certified Fast Charge wireless charger

This 2018 model of Samsung's charging stand has a Fast Charge feature that works with all flagship Galaxy phones from the Note 5 and on. The stand itself also works with all other wireless charging-enabled phones at standard speeds.

$50 at Amazon

Great colors

Yootech Qi-certified wireless charger

This 10W charger comes in four colors and has a non-slip ring, so you can juice up your phone without worrying about it falling off your desk. This model has a temperature sensor, so it'll never overheat, and you won't have to worry about overvoltage or short circuiting either.

$18 at Amazon

For larger phones

Nanami Qi-certified wireless charging stand

If you like to use your phone while it charges, this stand is perfect, since it's longer than others and can easily hold a Note-sized phone. It has an LED charging indicator and has two charger coils, so the placement of your phone shouldn't be an issue.

$19 at Amazon

Slim and simple

RAVPower Qi-certified 10W charging pad

This charging pad has a single coil and can charge your phone at up to 10W. It offers all the standard protections against overvoltage and other damaging electrical defects. It comes in black or white.

$16 at Amazon

Great value

Aukey Qi wireless charger

Aukey is a trusted brand in charging accessories, and its wireless charging pad is affordable and reliable. It can Fast Charge your Samsung Galaxy phones and will also charge any other Qi-enabled phone.

$17 at Amazon

Also great

Anker PowerWave 10W wireless charging stand

Anker's charging stand has two coils, so you can charge your phone on its side or upright. The lip of the stand is wide enough to accommodate your phone with a case, and it offers high-speed charging for Galaxy phones.

$18 at Amazon

Plugging your phone in can just be plain annoying. A wireless charging pad may be a little slower, but it's way more convenient. For an excellent charging pad, look no further than Anker's PowerPort, but if you want a stand and have a big phone, then definitely check out Nanami's.

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