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RootMetrics has published the latest performance rankings for UK's mobile networks, naming EE the fastest operator in the country. EE won at overall performance, network speeds, calls, text, and cellular data. Three came out on top in terms of overall reliability. The company collected data from over 875,000 samples, testing carrier performance during driving, at stationary outdoor locations, and over 1,400 indoor locations across the country.

From RootMetrics:

  • EE is the fastest and top overall operator: EE earned five out of six UK RootScore Awards for the UK as a whole. This included wins for Overall Performance, Network Speed, Mobile Internet, Call, and Text.
  • Three shined in reliability: Three narrowly pulled ahead of EE to rank first outright in Network Reliability for the first time. Three's reliable mobile internet and strong call and text performances helped the network retain its second place position for Overall Performance, despite finishing in last place for Network Speed.
  • O2 improved performance across calls, texts and speed: O2 moved up into third place for Speed and second place for Text, both at the expense of Three. O2 also tied for second place with Three for Call Performance. However, this was not enough to lift the network from the bottom of the Overall Performance rankings.
  • Vodafone claimed second place for network speed for second consecutive time: The operator earned the hotly contested second-place position for Network Speed and ranked third for Overall Performance.

Check out the report in its entirety from the link below.

Source: RootMetrics

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