Endless Horizontal Shoot 'Em Up 'Hectic Space 2' Looking for Beta Testers Ahead of February...


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Dec 22, 2015
A couple of years ago, a little endless shoot 'em up called Hectic Space [Free] was released, and with the App Store being the App Store, it pretty much flew under the radar for most, though some folks in our forums discovered it and enjoyed it quite a bit. Hectic Space doesn't look like much on the surface–yet another retro space shooter, amirite?–but it charmed with its clean aesthetic, great tunes, a killer combo system, and super interesting special weapons. It's definitely a hidden gem if there ever was one. Well developer James Swiney is preparing to release the sequel very soon and has sent over a trailer and some info regarding Hectic Space 2.

As you can see from that trailer, one of the major changes in Hectic Space 2 over the original are the boss fights, like a giant skull who shoots bullets out of its mouth or a conglomeration of enemies that turn into a giant gun and fire at you. Awesome! The normal enemies seem to be refined and I spotted some new weapon types as well. James is currently seeking some beta feedback in our forums for the sequel, so be sure to check in there for a chance to play the game early. Otherwise the full release of Hectic Space 2 should be coming sometime in February. In the meantime, if you haven't checked out the original Hectic Space, give it a download. It's free with ads but if you like it a simple 99¢ IAP will remove them.

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