Entertaining 'Pac-Man'-Esque 'Globber's Escape' from Robomodo Gets Update with New Content


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Dec 22, 2015
Robomodo's Globber's Escape [Free] was a solid little Pac-Man-esque game that released in 2014, and the game's just gotten an update on iOS that brings it up to par with the Android version and adds in some new features. The game's gotten a bit of a visual upgrade with new colors for the protagonist Globber, as he shifts hues depeer and deepr into the game. And 4 new rooms, though only on higher-end devices, along with various new tweaks and social features to finish out the experience.

While there are plenty of Pac-Man games on iOS, Globber's Escape is still a solid little take on the genre. And its touch controls where you just tap where you want Globber to go work well to where it's kind of a surprise more normal Pac-Man games just don't use that. Anyway, it's still a pretty solid little game to check out, and if you haven't, now's not a bad time with the game's update available on iOS.

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