Exynos Galaxy S10 visits GeekBench, still behind the iPhone XS in single-core test


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The Samsung Galaxy S10 has been spotted on GeekBench and the numbers are in. This time, it's the Exynos 9820 variant for South Korea (SM-G973N), and there are notable differences with the previously seen results from the S10+ in Snapdragon 855 trim. The single-core result, in particular, is far ahead of any other chip in the Android world - the current Kirin 980 (around the 3400s) and Snapdragon 845 (ballpark is in 2400s) are no match for the next-gen Exynos, and early Snapdragon 855 figures are much lower too (3400-3550 depending on who you ask). In fact, the older Exynos 9810...

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