'Far Tin Bandits' Is a Fun and Silly Shooting Game Coming Tomorrow


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
A game all about shooting tins doesn't sound that fun, does it? But then you have something like Far Tin Bandits, which adds mutated bean bullets that make the tin-shooting part of the game a much more interesting endeavor. In this game, you load up your bean shooter and try and shoot all the tins in fast and frantic levels. The different bean bullets you have offer different ways to tackling the levels; there are beans that split, spin, curve, even explode, so you can play the various levels using different bullets, which makes for much more variety. And there are, of course, items you shouldn't be shooting, so forget just spraying bean bullets at everything in sight.

The game offers different challenges for each level—fastest time, lower number of bullets, etc—which should have you coming back for more if you want to get all the awards. And the game's art is pretty cool, with a cartoony look that complements the whole theme. Far Tin Bandits should launch tomorrow or later today, and I think it's going to be a fun one. And I'm sure no one has figured out the wordplay in that title, right?

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