FDG Entertainment's 'Mega Man'-Esque Platformer 'Venture Kid' Releases Next Week


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
FDG Entertainment's Venture Kid has been floating around for a while now, looking like quite the promising retro-style platformer, really taking after Mega Man in particular. 2014 came and went without the game releasing, as did 2015. But what was to become of ol' Venture Kid? Well, FDG just dropped a nice little surprise in our forums, saying that Venture Kid releases next week, presumably on January 14th. All the huzzahs!

The game is also going to be priced crazy low at $0.99, which seems a bit excessively cheap for a game that's also going to be on desktop, and it's possible there's IAP in there too, but we'll see next week. At worst, hey, $0.99 entry point for a platformer that's looked promising and on our radar for a while now. We're excited for this, our forums are excited, and we'll surely have more on this one as we get the opportunity to write about it.

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