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In 2008 Portsmouth finished the season in their highest league position in over 50 years (qualifying for european competition in the process) aswell as their finest triumph in half a century by winning the FA Cup. However the success unfortunately didn't last long and after several years of horrible mismanagement of the club and its finances (with the club going into admistration on several occassions) the once proud club that was on the cusp of attaining something special only a few years earlier now finds itself in Leauge 2. Thankfully in 2014 the club seemed to trun a corner with the ownership of the club falling into the rightful hands of their own fans, together the Pompey fans have been able to pay off the outstanding debts and as of the begining of the 15/16 season the club stands on fair financial ground. Now that the financial structure of the club is secure its time to focus on returning Pompey to their rightful place on the pitch ...........

In this episode the RTG journey begins! We take the helm at Portsmouth and see the squad that we have at our disposal before playing our first couple of preseason matches.

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