Firewatch is out now on PS4, along with a beautiful Dynamic Theme


We live in an exciting time. And no, not just because we all now live in a world where you can turn on your PlayStation 4 and download Firewatch, the debut game from our studio Campo Santo. And no, for the nine of you who are my co-workers and reading this, not because you now get to come down off of the manic launch high you’ve been riding and return to regular sleep patterns.

No, I’m referring to the fact that we all now live in a world where less than a dozen folks can get together, download a game engine and put a couple of years into making a game that you’re playing on a PlayStation. That’s crazy! That’s mental! This was not true like, jeez, *five minutes ago.*

If you buy and play Firewatch and enjoy it, you live in a world where there are more and more original, surprising and risky games that get to exist on a major platform that didn’t have to be pitched, packaged and homogenized before finding their way to you. And these games, games like The Witness, The Talos Principle and Transistor, are made by just a handful of people who now, because we live in the aforementioned bonkers time, have direct access to you.

Maybe you can’t even tell. Perhaps it just seems like wow, there are just more great games. But for us, it’s everything. We can live and die by our own successes and put our games right next to the huge stuff. In fact, we hope you can’t tell — we hope a game is a game and is a game and we’re the one you choose to entertain you for a while.

Firewatch is out now for €19.99/£14.99, and we’ve made an ultra-premium Firewatch PS4 theme as well. It’s €3.49/£2.89.

We hope you enjoy the game and if you do (or don’t, what the heck) let us know in the comments, come tell us on Twitter, or pop on over to our dev blog to see how we’ve gone about this crazy two year journey!

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