Fossil's Android Wear 2.0 updates now arriving for 3 models

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Fossil hasn't made too many splashes since it first had attention around its
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release, but now it's rolling out Android Wear 2.0 to its 3 compatible models. The second-gen Q Founder is getting the update, as are the Q Marshal and Q Wander.

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Once updated, the three Fossil watches will work identically to the
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(minus the hardware differences, of course), including the Google Assistant, new navigation system, standalone apps, notifications and Google Fit fitness tracking. The one difference here will be Fossil's exclusive watch faces, which will carry over to add a bit more style to your wrist.

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If you're using an Android Wear watch that isn't a Fossil and haven't yet received the 2.0 update, you can see a
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. Over 20 different smartwatches will be getting the update.

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Press release:

Fossil +Android Wear 2.0

Android Wear 2.0 is coming to Fossil touchscreen display smartwatches. Android Wear 2.0, the biggest update since its launch in 2014, expands your smartwatch experience through customizable dials, user-friendly notifications and messaging, downloadable third-party apps, and help from your Google Assistant*. This launch will start rolling out onto Fossil Q Wander, Q Marshal, and Q Founder 2.0 today.

"We know our customers want innovative ways to stay connected and to be able to customize the exact features that mean something to their lives," says Jill Elliott, Chief Creative Officer of Fossil Brand. " The Android 2.0 update offers both iOS and Android users alike limitless new options for their touchscreen smartwatches: the ability to customize their watch face with applications that fit their personal life, a more conversational notification experience and intuitive, real-time activity tracking."

We entered the market because, as creatives, we felt there was a void of beautifully designed smartwatches where users could customize the technology to their unique lifestyle. With the features outlined below, this update ultimately reinforces our efforts to allow users to stay connected to the information that's most important to them.


  • Both iOS and Android users can now benefit from third-party standalone apps with enhanced functionality.
  • Information at a glance is given a whole new meaning: users can customize their watch faces with the information they use the most and create app shortcuts to play music, call a car, or check their latest fitness goals.
  • Apps can now quickly be downloaded through the on-watch Google Play Store.
  • Android Wear 2.0 brings the Google Assistant* to your watch. Simply hold the power button on your watch or say "Ok Google". Users can ask about the weather, play music, or ask for directions.


  • Android Wear 2.0 features a new design from top to bottom including a more user-friendly navigation experience.
  • The user interface is now darker which makes it easier for the user to read and improves battery life.
  • Now, regardless of whether you have iOS or Android phone, users can customize the style (including exclusive Fossil Q watch faces) and information on their watch, and updates make it easier than ever for users to swipe from one watch face to another.
  • There are three new ways to respond to text messages. This update allows the user to be more conversational—you can see the whole text and respond with a variety of choices including a watch keyboard, handwriting, or Smart Reply.


  • Android Wear 2.0 comes with an improved workout experience through Google Fit.
  • Track runs, bike rides, strength training (i.e pull-ups, push-ups), and more.
  • Users can now measure calories, pace, distance, and additional exercises based on settings.
  • As long as connection to cellular activity or Wifi-users can stay motivated while working out by streaming music right from your watch.

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