From innovator to retail release: Samsung's Gear VR headset is a big step forward

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Did Samsung follow through with their promise to deliver a better, more streamlined VR headset? Yes, and it did it well.

When it comes to virtual reality, products have been bursting onto the scene and making a serious splash all year long. Whether it's been Google Cardboard or the not yet released HTC Vive there has been plenty of talk. With good reason too, as VR has given us some excellent new ways to view our media, and play a new wave of games made for these VR headsets.

Samsung's Gear VR Innovator Edition has been around for some time now, powered by Oculus. Just in time for the holidays they've released the more polished version with the Samsung Gear VR. There are some great design choices that give the Gear VR an all-around better feel than its predecessor.

Let's take a look at what has changed since the Innovator Edition, as well as what has stayed the same.

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