Galaxy Note 8 Android Pie beta includes Night mode schedule option


Feb 22, 2016
So Samsung released the Android Pie beta for the Galaxy Note 8 today, catching us off guard (well, not completely, but it’s still a pleasant surprise) while everyone was fixated on the Pie release for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9. And the first thing we did after installing the beta on our Galaxy Note 8 was check whether the Night mode feature has a schedule option. And it is, even though the option is missing from the final updates for the S9 and Note 9.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean the option will be present on the final Pie releases for the Galaxy Note 8 (or the Galaxy S8), we are inclined to believe it will be. Samsung has the schedule functionality mentioned in the Pie user manuals for the Galaxy S9, so chances are that the company simply forgot to include it in the actual software because it wanted to get the update out there as quickly as possible. We still could be wrong, though, and Samsung might amend the user manual to remove all mention of the Night mode schedule setting at a later time. The same goes for video recording in Pro mode, which is missing on the Note 8 beta as well.

In any case, Note 8 owners who join the beta program can take benefit of the Night mode schedule feature. To customize the schedule settings, open the Settings app, tap Display, then tap Night mode. Here, enable the Turn on as scheduled option, then select Sunset to sunrise to make Night mode turn on and off when it gets dark and in the morning respectively. If you want to specify a manual start and end time for Night mode, select the Custom schedule option instead. Take a look at the GIF animation below for a visual guide (tap/click) on the image if it doesn’t automatically play).

For more on what’s new with Android Pie, check out our ongoing coverage here. Keep in mind that not all of these features may be available for every Galaxy device. If you own a Galaxy Note 8, don’t forget to check the Samsung Members app to see if Samsung has launched the beta program for your country.

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