Galaxy Note 8 Enterprise Edition comes with three years of security updates

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Available now for $994 per device.

There's already a lot to love with Samsung's Galaxy Note 8. The S Pen's huge feature-set is endless amounts of fun, the 6.3-inch QuadHD Super AMOLED display is a thing of beauty, and the dual-camera system allows for all the portrait shots you can capture. Samsung recently announced the Note 8 Enterprise Edition, and while it's mostly the same as the regular Note 8, it's most distinguishing fact is its three years of guaranteed security updates.

There are two main selling points for the Note 8 Enterprise Edition, and Samsung is referring to these as "Customization with Simplified Deployment & Management" and "Enhanced Security & Business Continuity."

Monthly security updates are guaranteed for three years.

The three years of security updates are part of the latter of those two things, and those updates will be pushed out every single month for that entire three-year span. Samsung is also advertising to business owners that they'll be able to purchase the same device model for up to two years to ensure that all employees are rocking the same hardware.

As for "Customization with Simplified Deployment & Management", the Note 8 will come equipped with Samsung Knox Configure for remote IT support, as well as Samsung Enterprise Firmware Over the Air services to "reduce downtime and simplify the complexity of enterprise-wide smartphone deployments."

The Note 8 Enterprise Edition costs $994, and it's now available for purchase through authorized Samsung partners.

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