Galaxy S8 named Phone of the Year at Mobile Choice Consumer Awards


The Galaxy S8 was named Phone of the Year at TechRadar‘s annual Mobile Choice Consumer Awards on Thursday. The handset also took home the gong for Best Camera Phone of 2017, while Samsung was awarded the title of Manufacturer of the Year—and let’s face it, it isn’t difficult to see why.

Cast your mind back to September, 2016. A revolutionary plus-sized smartphone hit the shelves, only to be recalled a couple of months later. Yes, we’re talking about the Galaxy Note 7. There’s no denying that the debacle could have had a catastrophic effect on the firm’s reputation, but it didn’t.

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Samsung worked tirelessly to handle the entire fiasco professionally, introducing an extensive 8-Point Battery Safety Check to restore confidence from consumers, then later releasing the Galaxy S8, a handset that—unsurprisingly—went on to set a number of pre-order records.

What about the Galaxy Note 8?

Even though we’re a big fan of the recently-released Galaxy Note 8, we’re in agreement with TechRadar: The Galaxy S8 is the Phone of the Year. It’s durable, innovative, powerful, stunning and, most importantly, affordable. What more could you possibly want?

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