'Game of War'-Like 'Game of Thrones: Conquest' Launches Worldwide


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Back in August we posted about pre-registrations going live for Game of Thrones: Conquest [Free], a then upcoming MMO that was super light on details beyond some brief first impressions of the soft launch. Well, it turns out that Conquest is another Game of War [Free] sort of game where players build up bases, fight others and, well, you know the drill. It's a gameplay formula it feels like we've seen a billion times now on the App Store, which is rapidly being reskinned with all and every IP imaginable.

It totally makes sense, as actual player data has shown that folks love these kind of games and they monetize quite well. If it's a catchy IP that brings you into the fold, well, I guess that's OK? As ridiculous as Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire [Free] seemed, I've definitely seen people who are enjoying being exposed to the Game of War formula for the first time.

I guess on the up-side of getting another Game of War-like is that at least this one makes sense inside of the overall context of Game of War. That being said, if you love Game of Thrones but aren't really into these kind of games, Telltale's Game of Thrones [Free] is pretty great, and the way Game of Thrones: Ascent [Free] closely follows episodes of the show is really cool.

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