Gartner: Global smartphone sales stay flat as Chinese companies gain ground


GSMArena News

Gartner published its report on smartphone sales for the Q3 2018 period. The overall market grew merely 1.4% and reached 389 million units. While Samsung is ahead, Huawei is catching up, and if it weren't for Chinese brands like Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo, the global market would've declined by 5.2%, compared with Q3 2017. Company Q3 2018 sales (in thousands) Q3 2018 Market share Q3 2017 sales (in thousands) Q3 2017 Market share Samsung 73,360.1 18.9 85,605.3 22.3 Huawei 52,218.4 13.4 36,501.8 ...

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