'Geostorm' Puzzle Game Releases Ahead of Movie With Same Name


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Geostorm is an upcoming movie about a network of satellites designed to control global climate that go rogue and start attacking Earth, which of course allows the film to offer a variety of unnatural natural disasters. The movie is releasing later this month, and today we got Geostorm [Free] the game, a turn-based puzzle game tied to the movie. In Geostorm, huge natural disasters play a part in the puzzle gameplay. The story of the game revolves around three members of the Dutch Boy project, whose purpose is to gather and transfer essential data to the International Space Station. This data is the only thing that can stop the hijacked satellites from destroying the world bit by bit.

The game launches with three chapters, and a fourth one, which will conclude the story, will release later this year. Geostorm, which is Apple's game of the day, will remind you a lot of Square Enix's GO games, and that's definitely a good thing since those games are perfect mobile puzzle games. So, don't ignore this game just because it's a movie tie-in. Geostorm is out now on both Android and iOS and is free-to-play.

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