Godzilab's 'Happy Street' Follow-Up 'Pirate Power' Launching Globally January 21st


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Back in June of last year, developer Godzilab soft-launched their latest game Pirate Power. Taking cues from their previous games, Pirate Power featured a city-building aspect similar to their super popular Happy Street [Free], PvP pirate ship combat similar to their basketball-shooting game StarDunk [$2.99 / Free], and physics systems reminiscent of their hit physics puzzler iBlast Moki 2 [$2.99]. It was neat to see a small developer utilizing all the skills they've learned over the course of the App Store's lifespan into one game. Now today, after nearly 6 months in soft-launch, Godzilab has announced a global release date for Pirate Power: next Thursday, January 21st.

Godzilab has received A TON of feedback in our forums regarding Pirate Power and made a ton of tweaks and fixes during its soft-launch period, so I'm very curious to see how it finally turns out. I was completely (and possibly unhealthily) hooked on Happy Street back in the day, but I somehow resisted the urge to bust out my Canadian App Store account and get in on the Pirate Power soft-launch. Of course, once the game hits worldwide and gets an absolutely massive influx of new players, more tweaks and fixes are likely to come in the weeks and months following its release. Still, I'm excited to get onboard officially when Pirate Power launches next Thursday.

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