Google Camera app update brings the new design to everyone


GSMArena News
Nov 9, 2015
If you have been wondering why the Google Camera app on your non-Nexus or older Nexus phones doesn't have the same UI as the new Nexus 6P and 5X camera app, then you can stop wondering now, as Google has updated the app to match the design of the new one. The updated app now has the same look as the one on the newer Nexus devices, including sideways swipe to switch between photo and video modes. Unfortunately, if you have also been looking forward to the new features such as the burst mode or slow motion, then you might be disappointed, as neither of those are available on other devices. Also, certain devices don't even get the Auto HDR+ mode, and you will have to switch manually. So for all intents and purposes, this is just a redesign. Via •...