Google Drive updated to help organize files more easily


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Sometimes, files can be messy in a folder, drive, or cloud service, and you have to resort to searching for something every time. Google Drive is helping users make the most of a limited storage space by allowing you to organize files directly from the search results, or from the file preview window. You can also choose to "move" files when you are in the preview window. From here, a little window will pop up with all your folders where you can place files. You can also create a new folder within another folder to better organize your files. Another new feature is the drag and drop to the sidebar. You can drag and drop files directly from the search results, making for an easy way to finally know where that one spreadsheet is. As you start to drag the files, the sidebar on the left changes to show your folder structure where you can place the file. Google Drive has been improving little by little offering better file management to compete with other cloud storage services. Last month, Google added an advanced search feature which allowed users to search for files by extension and date modified, much like Windows' advanced search for files. Source |...

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