Google Now weather card becomes a lot more colorful, app-like


GSMArena News
Nov 9, 2015
Google is currently testing a new design for the weather card that shows up in Google Now or in Google searches on Android. While the previous card was functional, it couldn't be called pretty. The new design aims to change that. Furthermore, the card now looks and behaves more like an actual app. There's a new tab system that lets you switch between the forecast for today, tomorrow, and the next ten days. The card also takes up a lot more vertical space than it used to. Colors change based on time of day and the current conditions, and there's a frog-like character that gets portrayed in different settings (such as beaches or hiking trips). More information is packed in the new card too. It has details about things like air quality, sunrise and sunset times, as well as certain health messages. At the moment not many people have seen the new card, but hopefully that will change in the near future based on how well the testing goes. Source 1 • Source 2 • Source 3 |...